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oh yeah, I agree with both you and @basilsauce that it seems on the high side, I was really just referring to it being higher rated than すべてがfになる - which does seem accurate, rather than on the accuracy of the level itself (if that makes sense) if it really was what a level 38 probably should be then I probably would have given up on the first page lol.


I didn’t post yesterday, but I did my 11 minutes of audio+book. Since I felt like doing a bit more, but not up to a chapter of le petit nicolas, I cracked open the grade reader I got in preparation for this challenge last week instead. Super short chapters, very straightforward, short, simple sentences. Like a breath of fresh air. :grin: (I really like how le petit nicolas has all these interconnected thoughts - it fits the pov perfectly - but I can’t always deal with it.)

I did my 11 minute audio+book thing again. The day before I thought I caught quite a bit more than the 1st day, but today was a step back again. Still better than day 1. I’m assuming it really depends on the content. ^^ And then I read that chapter of Nicolas that seemed to daunting the day before and it was a great chapter. Lots of fun. :slight_smile:

My progress since last time

Le petite Nicolas (80→87/148p)(47→49%)
La quête d’ewilan: d’un monde à l’autre (11→34/334m)(3→10%)
A1 5 Minuten-Lektüren Où est le thym (1/20 stories)


April 3rd :cherry_blossom: :cat2: :cherry_blossom:

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Went to the bookstore today, and happened upon this gem of a book:

So obviously I had to buy it >:3 The first story is called 夜中の汽笛について, あるいは物語の効用について by 村上春樹. It’s only two pages, however because it’s quite late I’ve only managed to go through the first page. I struggled much less with this story than with the ones I attempted previously - and I’d say it’s due to the fact that I am very familiar with his writing style (I can somewhat infer what sort of nonsense he’s on about at times :sweat_smile:). Didn’t write any of this down, may try tomorrow - otherwise just hoping to finish the story, and potentially re-read it. Enjoying it very much so far and can’t wait to see how it ends.

One thing I’ve noticed that while I could read a signifficant chunk of the words, some of them (which were from lower WK levels) have completely eluded me. It’s so easy to forget this stuff if you don’t use it… :melting_face:

Sum vocab

どれ位 (どれくらい) - how much
暫く (しばらく) - for a moment
くらい - about/approximatelly/to the extent
黙る (だまる) - to be silent
違いない (ちがいない) - for certain
きっと - surely
あるとき - on occasion
覚める (さめる) - to wake up
時刻 (じこく) - time
兎に角 (とにかく) - anyhow
ぼっち - solitude
いいかい - (familiar way of saying) listen!
刻む (きざむ) - to tick away
だって - even, too
かも - may, might
隔てる (へだてる) - to separate
沈める (しずめる) - to sink
頷く (うなずく) - to nod


Day 3

Today I read the second chapter of 透明カメレオン!The story mood suddenly shifted, it got really funny! There’s still mystery, and at the same time the main character made a choice that put everyone in a really awkward and funny position. I could explain it…but you wouldn’t laugh. It’d be better just to read it :laughing:

Today’s words and phrases:

突っ伏す (つっぷす) to fall prostrate
見かねる (みかねる) to be unable to let pass unnoticed, unable to just watch
呂律が回らない (ろれつがまわらない) speaking inarticulately; slurring, lisping, etc
津々 (しんしん) overflowing, gushing
えずくto throw up

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Oooooh I’ve definitely run into that before and completely forgot about it, I like it too! It feels like sugarcoating kinda? Anyway I searched it for funsies and I found this cool post where they made it literal: 本音を本当にオブラートに包む :: デイリーポータルZ


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Today I translated 2 pages of よつばと!The TV has been claimed :upside_down_face:And I’m recognizing a lot more words now than at the start of the winter challenge. Progress for Koiwai, progress for me. All is good.

\small \color{ #D1F2EB}\mathrm{★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★}


The flowers above the “Day #” links to my post for the previous day, and the flowers below link to the next day, except for the latest day ofc, they link somewhere special :wink:

edit: I caught an embarrassing mistake

imageimage at least I felt embarrassed by it for long enough to edit in this comment, 5 seconds later I now feel embarrassed that I felt embarrassed about it and advertised that. What is this. It’s 1:22am. I’m going to sleep now.


Day 3

Read 18 pages of こぐまのクーク物語: はじめての海とキャンプ, which brings me to 31%. Still encountering a lot of new words, I keep adding them to the spreadsheet for now.
Word of the day (aka thank you Wanikani for helping me learn kanji): 一口大に切ったメロン

第16話 超やわらか~い


Thanks for the tip. It works. Now I just have to edit my home post and see if it works there as well.

Edit: Nope. It didn’t work as I wanted. Well, that’s alright. At least, I learnt how to do the hidden furigana. Thanks again.


Summary Post

Day 3: April 3rd
What did I read?: ふしぎ駄菓子屋銭天堂 Vol 2
How much did I read?: 5 pages
How long did it take me?: 38 min

As usual, our customer of the chapter found exactly the thing he was wanting in Zenitendou…now how will this go bad hahaha xD

Lots of fun expressions and cool words today!
  • 食い入るように (くいいるように) - with intense concentration; eagerly; intently; devouringly
  • さぐる - to feel around for; to fumble for; to grope for; to search for; to look for (can also mean to explore (parts unknown); to enjoy (natural beauty) - I love that)
  • 上まわる (うわまわる) - to exceed (esp. figures: profits, unemployment rate, etc.); to surpass; to be more than; to be better than
  • 変幻自在 (へんげんじざい) - phantasmagoric; protean; shape-shifting; kaleidoscopic; capable of ever-changing appearance (what a neat word)
  • しのび歩き (しのびありき) - I absolutely read this is “walking around like a ninja” without looking it up and that is essentially what it means :joy: Per Jisho: travelling incognito (traveling) or quiet steps; creeping around​
  • ルパン - shoplifting; shoplifter
  • がぶり - emphatically (bite, gulp, chew, etc.)​
  • もっちり - springy (texture); puffy
  • きびすを返す (きびすをかえす) - to turn on one’s heel; to turn back; to return
  • にんまり - with a complacent smile; with a smile of satisfaction
  • こおどり - dancing or jumping for joy
  • 鼻をあかす (はなをあかす) - to outwit; to get the better of; to overcome a superior opponent and leave him speechless
  • 胸がすく (むねがすく) - to feel relieved; to feel satisfied; to feel refreshed

Oh do I :joy:
They’re almost all light かわいい shark manga though hahaha, idk if that’s exactly what you were looking for, but I will say that I really enjoyed サメーズ -サメとアザラシ-, which is a 4-koma manga about…some sharks and a seal :joy: It’s very funny and I love the illustrations (there are two other サメーズ books by the same author, but those are a bit more picture-bookish in style). In the last challenge, I read おでかけ子ザメ, which is a manga that centers on the cutest baby shark in the history of the world and his tiny adventures and the friends he makes along the way (very little text, though, so good for enjoyment of cuteness but not very intensive for reading practice :joy:). I also read a manga called 海のどうぶつが可愛すぎて! which was a bit more like “facts about various sea creatures told in manga form” the sea creatures were really cute though, the title did not lie :joy: I liked that one a lot as well, and would definitely recommend if non-fiction sea creature manga is of interest to you ^^
Man, I am really overusing the :joy: emoji lately, like what is that


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㋃3日 – Day 3

  • おじさまと(ねこ)

p.104-end (~155?)
It didn’t make me cry again and hopefully there won’t be any further upsetting content. Yesterday’s reading was pretty great in solidifying (まか)す・お(まか)せ for me. I’ve learned that irl, if I want to say, “You’re the expert, so please do what you think best,” that I can use (まか)す to defer to the expert’s expertise. Very handy and I feel like it’s a social level up.



There’s so much I wanna read lol it’s difficult not to do it all at once. Or to not just read and let the rest of my studies fall to the wayside (which I definitely can’t let happen yet at this point). I also got sleepy earlier than usual today because of work this morning, so that, too, kept me from reading as much as I wanted.

I read Seed 2 of GREEN. It takes place some time after Seed 1, as Wako-chan says, “(誠さん)と初めて出会ったのは去年の秋” in the exposition, but I don’t know how long, exactly. It’s time to harvest cucumbers and tomatoes now, which is apparently late summer to early fall. She’s helping out only on the weekends now, as she has class at the culinary school she’s attending on weekdays. Since she’s 22, I assume this is her last year, though.

Some spoilers and speculation:

When she arrives at the house on Friday night, she finds Makoto already asleep, having gone to bed early as usual, so she checks his clock to see that he has the alarm set for 5 a.m. and decides to set her own for the same time. She ends up waking up at nearly 7 and finding her clock broken and with the batteries taken out. I suspect it was the grandmother’s doing. She doesn’t seem particularly charitable toward the idea of Wako learning how to properly help out around the farm, much less spending time with Makoto, and steers her toward doing other tasks. She thinks the only thing Wako is good at/for is cooking. Either she’s not actually against Wako marrying Makoto at all (just doesn’t want her getting in the way of Makoto’s work on the farm, as she definitely does as a beginner), as she’s the one who brought up that she would make a good wife, “don’t you think, Makoto? ” at the end of Seed 1, just against her learning to help out on the farm, or she goes back and forth between wanting and not wanting Wako around, as at the end of this chapter as well, she seems happy that the two of them are getting along and chides them not to “fight like a married couple before you’re actually married

Today I finally tried out Satori Reader, which I’d downloaded months ago but never used, and got a subscription. I read ch 1-5 of コナの大冒険. I’d assumed, since the other cat’s name is Mocha, that Kona’s name comes from Kona coffee, but nope, it comes from the district on the island of Hawai’i! (Which is the origin of the coffee name, granted, and the coffee may have influenced them choosing that name, but he was named specifically because he looks like cooled lava when he sleeps.) Anyway, I’m enjoying the story so far, and I also like that I can add to the kanji that I’ve learned on WK, though it was a little annoying constantly going back and forth between Preferences and the story lol

I only read 2 pages of 2.43 today before unfortunately getting to tired for my brain to really parse what I was reading. I left off on pg 36.

Today on 2.43…

Ochi injured his right knee during practice the summer of his first year, just before Inter-High. Soon after that is when Hata-kantoku approached him about making the switch to manager. Their current manager was a third-year named Honda who was retiring after In-High regardless of whether they got a ticket to Nationals in order to focus on his studies, and he had also been a player before getting injured and becoming manager; even though Hata approached Ochi more because he has the brains to be manager than because of his injury, I’m sure Honda’s circumstances made that more difficult to believe, made it hurt more. Ochi would rather quit altogether than stay on but not as a player, until Subaru convinces him otherwise and promises to make him a manager who gets to stand at HaruKou’s center court. I’ll be reading that part tomorrow.

Ideally, I could read a full sub-chapter a day, but some of them are over a dozen pages long (this one I’ve still got 13 pages left of), and this book is at a level where much more than about 10 pages gets really difficult, so the average of 4 pages/day is good for that reason, too. I can easily read a full chapter of 夜カフェ in a day—heck, I could probably read more—but not 2.43. Much to my disappointment. And frustration. I love this series so much.

Some vocab of note:

嘘くさい (うそくさい) [い-adjective] contrived; false-sounding (“That stinks of a lie!”)
馬の骨 (うまのほね) [expression, noun] [derogatory] person of doubtful origin
手に職がある (てにしょくがある) Judging by the phrases 手に職を持つ “to have a trade/vocation” and 手に職を着ける “to learn a trade/vocation,” as well as context, I’m guessing it means “there’s a trade/vocation (for you)”


Oh hey, I used Satori Reader too. I might be misinterpreting, but do you mean the feature to omit furigana from words using kanji you’ve learned? Cause if it’s that, you can actually feed it your API and have that all happen automatically.


April 3
Took it easy today and just read 4 more level-0s. Most of these I’ve read already but reading them again for completion’s sake. And I get to notice new things. For example…

I read “TKG” which is about tamago kake gohan, たまごかけごはん. 知っていますか?

There’s a page about different variations which has more difficult kanji than the rest of the story. I was excited to figure out 醤油 as しょうゆ, soy sauce, because yesterday when I was looking up the ゆ from お湯 I was also trying to figure out what the sign says above the entrance to Yubaba’s bath house.


Turns out it’s 屋油(やゆ)aka a place of oils / perfumes. I wonder if it’s because the baths are scented? Or maybe Yubaba sells perfumes on the side? I’ll have to pay closer attention next time I watch Spirited Away.

Progress on Tadoku graded readers
19 / 44 level-zeros
x / 12 level-ones
x /10 level-twos
x / 18 level-threes


April 3rd (Calendar post)

With bookclub days gone, I am concentrating my reading on my current “main” book, so my progress reports are going to be rather short until next friday.

三日間の幸福 = 9 pages (167 minutes)

Welp, no wonder it takes me around a month to finish a volume of a LN if it takes me almost 3 hours to read 10 pages >.<

Favorite phrase from today’s reading:


… wait wat?


April 3 :cherry_blossom: Home Post

Played some more VLR (as you might expect lmao), still going strong! I finished up the route I was on to a “to be continued” point anyway and a second little bit to finish off that branch, and now I’m off on a new one! Progress is being made :muscle:

VLR talk

Man maybe I am お(ひと)よし :joy: I’m too nice for this game, I get betrayed at every turn rip. Like come on ディオ, what’s your deal?? You seriously want me dead?? Brutal even for you lmao, though since that’s the “to be continued” route there may be more going on there :man_shrugging: idk I still feel like there’s stuff seriously up with him, but I still have no idea what so we shall see

There’s also been even more hints about time being weird, I’m very concerned about how much time has actually passed since they all got kidnapped or whatever happened. Also just thinking about what the motivation for this nonary game could possibly be? Because like 四葉(よつば) said, the perpetrators from the first two seem very unlikely for various reasons, but clearly whoever’s doing has some connection or awareness since they knew to wear a gas mask and just general thematic things, sooooo… lots to think about :eyes:

Another thing that’s interesting is the big differences between the three main routes. I’ve reached a bad end and a to be continued in each of the main branches now, and like… the dead woman isn’t always found? Where is she in the rightmost branch? Like presumably she was still killed since that’s presumably how ディオ got his bangle in all cases, but like… where is she? And the variations in クォーク’s situation, and sometimes other people dying, lots of variables to keep track of

Oof you can tell I’m in it, I had way too much to say :joy: It’s been a good time! I’m about 34 hours in right now, so it’ll be interesting to see how much longer it takes me :eyes:


I also wish to become a vending machine and have a belly full of delicious and seasonally appropriate drinks


Yup, that’s what I meant, and I did add my API, but there are a bunch of kanji outside of ones that I’ve learned on here that I already know, so I had to add those to my known list manually


Home post

Day 2:

日本語: I read some of 冷たい密室と博士たち and some of 三毛猫ホームズの推理.

中国語: I read an intermediate entry on Mandarin Bean, one page of 骑士幻想夜, and a bit of 孩子最爱读的中国民间故事.

Weekly countdown to trying a page of 伯爵与妖精: 1,209 words (+ however many I study ahead from the book itself when I’m done with these ones).


There is often a subtly humorous twist in his sentences, yes. If I find the time at some point, I would like to collect a few sentences that stood out to me and post the non-spoilery ones here.

Ooh, I remember coming across this in 地球成人. To me, these kinds of expressions always feel more rewarding to learn than mere vocabulary for some reason, and they stick better too.

オブラート apparently comes from Dutch, but I’m not sure what it meant originally. Wikipedia says it was a thin wrapping for bitter medicine so that you wouldn’t feel the bad taste when swallowing it, but this sounds way too specific to have a dedicated simple word just for it. Nowadays in Japan it’s an edible thin starchy transparent wrapping, a cellophane out of rice starch basically, that is used to wrap gelatinous sweets and protect them by absorbing humidity. Oblate in English (new word for me) seems to be a geometrical term that describes a sphere squashed at the poles, probably the equivalent of oval in 3d? It’s also used for Christian individuals dedicated to religious work, apparently. TIL.