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Haven’t posted here in ages :sweat_smile: so it’s probably about time…

After having finished Flesh&Blood, I finally decided to give 穴 a try. I figured I might be able to quickly read the first story before the next ABC book starts, but I was clearly wrong…
My main intention was to scout the book’s difficulty (as we had a bit of a discussion about it in the Natively & IBC threads). When I started, I found the very first passage to be a bit difficult because there was lots of speech and recounting of speech so that was not really clear to me; also of course settling into a writing style always takes a bit of time. But after this first scene it was pretty okay difficulty-wise. Nonetheless, I only managed to read about 5 pages per day before being pretty much exhausted :thinking:
I was actually wondering why this happened and what this means for the book’s difficulty, but I’m still a bit confused. I guess it’s a mixture of the book being off to a pretty slow start (so there was nothing that would naturally drag me along), the author using a narrative full of tiny details (making me wonder constantly how all of these details are supposed to fit together), and me being a bit sleep-deprived and short on time during the past week (so I only managed to read late in the evening when I was very tired).
Luckily the story picked up a bit of steam today, but I still don’t know what to think about its difficulty :joy_cat: (But probably it’s not as difficult as the Natively L38 is supposed to make us believe.)

For the rest of this month, I will continue 穴, I will hopefully manage to catch up with がばいばあちゃん at some point, and I will start the new ABC pick on Friday.