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:white_check_mark: 2日目 9月3日

Today’s NHK News Web Easy article was 新あたらしい1万まん円えんのお札さつ 工場こうじょうで印刷いんさつが始はじまる


I failed to read something yesterday, but at least today I found some time again to read ^^

I read the second episode of Suzuki and Sakura on Satori reader! I think this is my favorite story so far. I am trying to work through the free content right now, but maybe I will buy the subscription this weekend :blush: So far I’m really impressed by Satori so the money will be well spend!


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September 3rd I read to the end of the prologue for 大海原と大海原 which seemed like a good place to stop, it was only 2 more pages of actual text and some more of just picture panels.


Thanks for the welcome! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
Three days in I’m having a lot of fun, I have been reading the Ask Books Graded Readers Level 0 volume 1.
Surprisingly interesting content, the one about how the sakura (桜) bloom from South to North over several months in Japan, the festivals and activities around that. And another about soy beans, and their various uses. Including the Setsubun (節分) where people throw toasted soy beans around to keep demons out of their house!


:ballot_box_with_check: Day 3

Another short reading day! I just started the first bit of chapter 3 in 深夜特急. I want to read more, but on the other hand I’m happy with any progress :kissing_smiling_eyes:

My only new word is 途方に暮れる = to be puzzled, at a loss.

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Welcome to everyone new!! Can’t wait to hear what you’re reading each day :notes:


.☆:STARDATE: 20210903:☆.

Day III: アイアン・メイデン :metal:

Not a random article this time - today I bought Iron Maiden’s new album “Senjutsu” and thought… why not read about that in Japanese while listening? Seems fitting.

Though I can’t find a Japanese article about the actual release of the album, but I did find an article from a few weeks ago about one of the singles. So I’ll read that.

アイアン・メイデン, that is not how I expected “Iron” to be written in katakana. Looking on the Japanese Maiden-Wiki and reading the band members names - it feels like I could learn all the kanji (okay, maybe not ALL the kanji) and I’d still have trouble with working out katakana names.

I wonder what is more difficult to read, Japanese names in kanji or non-Japanese names in katakana :thinking:


yeah! After covering N5 and N4 grammar I’d say you could give it a shot! worst that can happen (as happened to me when I first tried to read it quite a while back) is that you decide that it’s too much of a struggle and then you can put it to one side and try again later. And it will feel cool when you do come back later and find that you can read it so that’s still not a bad outcome!

I’d say for me (it might be different for others) what stopped me my first time through was mainly that I had such low reading stamina for reading in Japanese that the first chapter took aaaaaaages. I then switched to reading manga for a while and at least partly due to the last of these challenges, I went from a a chapter of manga feeling like a lot to read, to being able to (depending on the manga ofc) being able to read a volume of manga in a day if I was in the mood to do so. Then when I switched back to trying to read novels I found that it felt a LOT more manageable because I was less tired out just by the experience of reading in Japanese. So what other reading you have done in Japanese might also be a factor in how you find it? good luck with it! I’d say definitely get the audiobook if you can as it’s really good.


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Day 2:

日本語: I read some of 小川未明童話集, some of ミステリと言う勿れ, and a bit of パノラマ島綺譚. That last is a new book, and while both it and 乳と卵 are difficult, I can already tell that パノラマ島綺譚 is an easier kind of difficult for me. :relaxed:

中国語: I read 帮忙. I learned 着 as a ながら-type of auxiliary word.

I also edited in a read-aloud session on day 1 that I forgot about yesterday. We read two chapters of 7SEEDS. :+1:


I love hearing you doing the fangirling! Btw, I don’t think I thanked you for setting up the thread yet :sweat_smile: So thank you for taking the responsibility :heartbeat:

Normally I would agree but I want the count to go to some summary :sob:

That I noticed but I don’t want to because

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but that is actually an excellent idea which I’m gonna use :grin:
Thank you for being awesome again :sparkles: :sparkles: :sparkles:

@Redglare I love your tiny updates :blush:

I thought it would be more common, because it’s something I see often in other places on the Internet :thinking: I actually triple-checked if the calendar weeks are starting on Monday when I copied mine because I do have a strong opinion about it - it makes no sense to start a week in a middle of the weekend :smiley:


Awww :blush: :blush:



September 2
:maple_leaf: 2
total: 69/100

  • メタモルフォーゼの縁側4 (40 → 67%)

September 3
:maple_leaf: 3
total: 70/100

  • メタモルフォーゼの縁側4 (67 → 100%)

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September 3
・Read Honzuki 5. (77% → 78%)

I saw people add their bookmeter profile to their summary post, I guess I'll do that too.

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Day 3 :heavy_check_mark:

I didn’t have much time today but I managed to read a few pages of 僕らの天使ゲーム. I circled the words I didn’t know and I’ll try to look them up later. ^^


  • 飢餓 (きが) : starvation
  • 飽食 (ほうしょく) : satiation
  • 顧問 (こもん) : adviser
  • 貫禄 (かんろく) : presence; dignity
  • 矢先 (やさき) : the very moment (when)
  • 虐待 (ぎゃくたい) : abuse
  • 風潮 (ふうちょう) : tendency
  • 沁み沁み (しみじみ) : keenly; deeply
  • 機動隊 (きどうたい) : riot police
  • 忽然 (こつぜん) : sudden
  • 心境 (しんきょう) : state of mind
  • 眉唾 (まゆつば) : questionable information
  • 所轄署 (しょかつしょ) : competent police station
  • 陳腐 (ちんぷ) : stale
  • 大衆 (たいしゅう) : general public
  • 低劣 (ていれつ) : low grade
  • 迎合 (げいごう) : accommodating oneself (e.g. to public opinion)
  • 挑発 (ちょうはつ) : provocation
  • 毅然 (きぜん) : resolute
  • 殊勝 (しゅしょう) : admirable
  • 一筋縄 (ひとすじなわ) : ordinary method​

Sept. 3rd:

  • Read next week’s assignment of 小川未明 stories (5 pages)
  • Read 1 page of 糞尿譚

I hope going forward I can read more of 糞尿譚 than just one page per day :joy: Otherwise it will take me forever…


I absolutely adored these stories, later collections have more gripping narratives, but I still really enjoyed the factual nature of the early books which made them easy to understand. It was fun learning about soy beans and sakura =D


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Day 3: September 3rd
Final Fantasy XIV

Random words

手段 : しゅだん means, way.
迫害 : はくがい prosecution, oppression.
上昇 : じょうしょう rising, ascending.
討伐 : とうばつ subjugation, suppression, subduing.
討滅 : とうめつ destroying, annihilation, eradicating.
ささやく : to whisper (ささやき = whisper)

No Satori Reader today; tomorrow \o/ I had a long FFXIV session, I read some questlines that were honestly quite hard to grasp but I think I generally got what was going on also with all the visual cues. I was completely worn out afterwards though, had to change to English for a good while to let my brain cool down.


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Day 3: September 3
What did I read?: ハイ☆スピード!
How much did I read?: 5 pages (whoa, gettin’ crazy here) - finished chapter 1!
How long did it take me?: 1 hour 43 min

Some good words today, including 負け惜しみ (まけおしみ - being a poor loser) and 掻き消す (かきけす - to erase; to drown out (e.g. a voice); to make disappear).

But hands down, my favorite word/expression of today was 大の字 (だいのじ) - shape of the “dai” kanji (esp. person with arms and legs outstretched); sprawling; lying spread-eagled
At first I was all, big letter, what…? And then I looked it up and laughed xD Clearly, describing things by comparing them to the shape of a kanji is a thing here, this is the second time that method of description has been used in this book (first was Makoto’s 八-shaped eyebrows) and I am here for it.

I love the image of Rin being a supremely dramatic 大の字 on the floor and Haru just looking over at him going “who the eff is that” hahaha that’s so them :joy:

Also OMG it’s Sousuke! Sousuke is there too, already! Ahhhhh, only for a second, but he was there (Sousuke does not enter the anime picture until the second season so I didn’t really expect to see him at all in this first novel for some reason - I don’t know that he will feature much in this first novel, but I will be curious to see if he comes back)

It feels like a lot is happening in a small number of pages - maybe it’s just this first part being speedy and throwing in flashbacks in order to introduce the characters and such, but I swear, even though I’m only able to read a few pages at a time, I still feel like I get whole “scenes,” which…is not a bad thing? But it also feels like there are quite a few moments where the scene or character of focus changes without much of a visual text break or written cue to tell me that that’s what’s going on. Kind of feels a little whiplashy to me at times. I can’t tell if it’s because I’m bad at reading (like maybe it would be more obvious/easier to follow if my grammar was better) or if it’s because it’s meant to be that way xD


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:white_check_mark: 3日目 9月4日

Today’s NHK News Web Easy article was 菅すが総理大臣そうりだいじん 9月がつの終おわりに総理大臣そうりだいじんをやめる


I didn’t have much time to read yesterday I did a mock jlpt n5 test which took me around two hours. Nevertheless I still managed to read some more of the まいてつ visual novel. Why did I choose a visual novel which is that hard… I think I will be done reading it in two years.



Day 4
I didn’t manage to read anything on the first two days of the challenge… Yesterday I read one page of Kiki, and two pages today.

But now I have a lot more time to devote to reading, so I’ll aim for at least five pages a day. I’m happy to see my speed’s improved a lot from the start of the Summer challenge, when I found even one page exhausting!