📚📚 Read every day challenge - Fall/Autumn 2021 🍁🍂🦝

Summary post

Day 10: September 10
What did I read?: 雨と君と Vol 1
How much did I read?: 26 pages (5 chapters)
How long did it take me?: 15 min

Speaking of super easy things I can go to when I’m exhausted :rofl:
My brain = へばる
My brain really just noped out on me for most of the day, which I really don’t like and I need it to not do that anymore right now. So I’m gonna try taking it easier on the reading for a little bit. …Which I am trying to not be disappointed/feel bad about. I hate that I often feel like I have to give up things in order to function at work. I hate it, I hate it, I hate it. Why can’t I just do all the things like everyone else. ksfdkljfl

Anyway, I wanted to look at cute pictures today so that’s what I did :sweat_smile: This manga was actually advertised in a different manga that I bought - normally, I don’t pay any attention to the little inserts that come with manga, but the pictures on this one were so cute that I immediately knew I had to have it :joy: The premise is that this woman finds a “stray dog” (really a tanuki) and takes it home. So far it doesn’t seem to have much of a story line going on, but the art is cute.

Like look at how cute the tanuki is

Something weird that I noticed, I think it uses the exact same page number font as Flying Witch :thinking: It’s pretty sparse on text, but I did still learn some words/phrases.
面倒を見る (めんどうをみる) - to care for someone; to look after someone​
お利口 (おりこう) - well-behaved (esp. children and pets); obedient; good

Ahhh this makes me so happy! :blush::blush: I hope you love it as much as I do :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Aww, that’s a super cute tanuki x3 With a leaf on top of its head, haha :fallen_leaf:


It’s showing support to all of us in the reading challenge for being awesome and keeping up.

読んでくれてありがとう :raccoon: :fallen_leaf:

We read for the Tanuki, from now on.


Don’t worry, you’re doing great! We all need our rest days, as much as we want brain to be on it all the time.

And that Tanuki is very cute, the whole manga looks seriously cute.

I 100% agree with this. Tanuki for the official mascot! :raccoon: :raccoon: :raccoon:


I had no idea the sticker set I got from LINE was actually a series.


please don’t let it get to you and bring you down… y’all here said it yourselves, there will be days when things just don’t work, or when we feel so tired and drained… please be kind to yourself :hearts:
and the bit about functioning at work while giving something up, believe me, you’re not alone. and even the people who do indeed manage to juggle everything, they burnout at some point, and that’s not good :pensive:

That is sooooo cute :pleading_face: :pleading_face: :pleading_face:

most definitely, can we make this happen, pleaseee :pray:



Day 11

I definitely overestimated how much time I would have during the day… I honestly do think I could get through a lot more than five pages of Kiki if I had the time to, but I don’t…

But I have been reading every day since I last posted! And read two pages on average.

Today I read three, in about 20 minutes. :slightly_smiling_face:


Home post

September 11th 大海原と大海原 I started chapter 3 and read 2 pages.

I also went through my breakdowns to lookup a few grammar points in A Dictionary Of Basic Japanese Grammar, as I had been meaning to do that more and now that I’m ahead I actually have the time to - rather than my usual flailing to catch up strategy.

I haven’t looked through this dictionary much lately, going back over a few bookmarks I’d placed previously it was nice to realise that I understood the points made much better than when I had first looked them up, so it feels like I am progressing.


:ballot_box_with_check: Day 11

Read chapter 5 in 手紙! Today was one of those days where I left early and returned late… I didn’t know how much I could read, but I knew I was gonna read something . Can’t believe I maintained my pace, along with the challenge.

But I can barely keep my eyes open to type this, so no extra words for today :sweat_smile:

:raccoon: :raccoon: Main Post :raccoon: :raccoon:


Whilst I’m not reading every day, at least I am reading a lot more consistently than last month. I’ll take that!

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What did I read:

*白雪姫;パートI-III (Beelinguapp)。

A really short version of “Snow White”. Short enough to read it in 15 minutes, if not less. Which honestly makes me thinking that maybe I should switch to something else, like maybe Manabi reader or GoodReads. :sweat_smile:


.☆:STARDATE: 20210911:☆.

:fallen_leaf: :maple_leaf: :raccoon: :maple_leaf: :fallen_leaf:

Day XI: お月さまに化けたタヌキ :raccoon:

All the talk of tanukis made me want to read some tanuki legends/tales. I managed to find a site (googling in Japanese is pretty hard), kinda looks like it’s for kids but oh well, I’ve had a lot of fun reading. Also, what is it with most Japanese sites looking like they’ve come straight out of 1999?

「6月21日の日本の昔話」seems I’m a little late, but… (bit of a side track here)
Looking around site there’s a story for each day of the year, some of them have audio recordings of the actual story as well (!!). Sadly, the moon tanuki doesn’t have a recording for it, but this is great! Definitely going to use it again and practice listening as well as reading. whoa this is amazing.

(I am loving this so much already)

「はて? おいら、酔っぱらったかな?」 :rofl: :rofl:

Aha, I see farmer-san, that you know the secret password to the arcade (almost).

正体を現したな、いたずらダヌキめ! :raccoon:

Gee tanuki, don’t be so mean!

…I probably had a lot more fun with this than I really should have. :joy:


Original post

After finishing 聞き耳ラジオ on Satori Reader, I moved onto the Beginner Bookclub and started 大海原と大海原 (おおうなばらとわだのはら). I also read a page from 田口久人’s book, ”そのままでいい”!


Summary post

September 11
・Read Honzuki 5. (95% → 100%)

Oho, I finished the book :eyes: :partying_face: That was fun :3

Reading chunk of text in smol font is not good for eyes, so here it is in the normal size

I started reading this book on June 9th, but have been jumping between various books and manga since then, so it’s been three months. I have no idea how long it actually took me to read this book.

I counted the amount of days I logged having read Honzuki 5 through the Summer Challenge: 14 days. + 9 days in the duration of this thread. And then there’s 4% where I must have read between the threads. But now am done! :3

Sudden turn of developments in the last third of the book :eyes: I must say I enjoyed it :eyes: Some of the stuff in the middle of the book was kinda boring, maybe that’s partly why I didn’t nyoom through it. But now we’re getting somewhere :3

Not sure what the next book will bring, but I’m looking forward to it! :eyes: :sparkles:

Note to self: Check out the Honzuki vol 4+ thread :writing_hand:


Home post

Day 10:

日本語: I read some of それでも歩は寄せてくる, then promptly chucked it when I saw there was a new からかい上手の高木さん, which I read a lot of, and then I read a fair amount of 鋼の錬金術師, which I am now banned from reading before bed, so I had to brain-cleanse with some of 魔王城でおやすみ, which made me a laugh a lot and not have nightmares.
Read-aloud: We read a chapter of ふしぎの国のバード.


中国語: I read 冬至.


This is absolutely the truth, but I kind of love them for it? Unless I actually need to know their opening hours or address or something useful like that and it’s black text on a brown woodgrain background.


Main post

Day 11 :heavy_check_mark:

I read 3 pages of the first story of 10分で読めるお話(五年生)
Those 3 pages took me wayyy more than 10 minutes :joy: and there’s 11 more pages haha

I finally understood the context so I might be able to finish this story tomorrow :pray:

Vocab that might be useful

すたすた (walk) briskly
よろよろ tottering; staggering
隙間(すきま)crevice; gap


Today I felt sick and tired, so just 70 more pages of Chi’s New Home vol.1


Summary Post

Day 11: September 11th
Satori Reader: Secret, episode 37.

Random words
  • 救助 = きゅうじょ rescue, aid.
  • 目眩 = めまい dizziness, vertigo.
  • しゃがみ込む = しゃがみこむ to squat completely (apparently the difference with regular しゃがむ is that しゃがみ込む is squatting and remaining in one position, often related to a negative cause like illness and so on, while しゃがむ is just regular squatting consciously).
  • 抱える = かかえる to hold in one’s arms (or under).
  • 姿勢 = しせい posture, pose.
  • 寒気 = さむけ chills, shiver (due to illness, fear, etc).
  • 炎天下 = えんてんか under the blazing sun (lovely word, 炎天 burning skies).
  • 乗り込む = のりこむ to board, to embark on, to get into.

Funny how already three of us have gotten the word しゃがみ込む in recent days :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: . Today’s episode was another nice one, and although I’m back to reading late, it was nice to finally get some nice sleep today :sob: .

I’ve been noticing these last two or three days that I am getting better at this Japanese thing. I don’t even know how, or why or how much, but I definitely feel an improvement in ability. Magic! I had been feeling stuck for a while, so it’s a nice reassuring feeling. I’m completely sure that it will go back to “oh wow, I know nothing!” at some point, but I’m glad that at least the bar has risen just a little bit.

I don’t know, but the challenge is working flawlessly. I’m so happy really ;-; . I know this has been the compound work of a longer time and other resources, but these two challenges have been pivotal in my relationship with daily immersion, commitment and overall learning. I’ve read similar things from you so this thing must really be doing something very positive after all.


Summary post

Day 11: September 11
What did I read?: 雨と君と Vol 1
How much did I read?: 33 pages (8 chapters)
How long did it take me?: 47 min

Took it easy again today…this manga is so cute though :3
My favorite chapter was the girl’s dad coming over and fangirling over the cuteness of the tanuki xD Oh, and also when the tanuki took off its little leaf to take a bath and put a towel on its head instead :pleading_face:

Please enjoy a relaxed and happy tanuki taking a bath

look at those little pawsies :pleading_face:

Some good words:
いても立ってもいられない - unable to contain oneself; itching to do something; cannot sit still (as in, unable to contain oneself from rushing over to see the tanuki - who can blame him)
取り直す (とりなおす) - to regroup (after some adverse event) (the adverse event in question was a spider being…there :rofl:)

I may try and get back to High Speed tomorrow, I’m just wary of pushing it when I know I have Stuff I need to accomplish at work this week :sweat_smile: I feel stupid saying that, since it’s not like I don’t have the physical time to read, it’s just my stupid mental energy balancing act that I can’t really afford to get wrong -_- I also feel like I’m disappointing people somehow even though I’m sure that’s not really true…wouldn’t it be cool if feelings were rational

Thanks for the encouragement <3 I’m trying not to get down on myself, it’s just…hard.
Let’s not think of that, let’s think of happy tanukis instead

I fully support this idea :rofl: I may have added some tanuki flair to the participant list post :eyes: