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Day XLVI: この音とまれ! pg.65-69 & きのこ (aka, what I meant to read yesterday) :mushroom:

4 pages today!

There’s a load of info here (on the mushroom page) about fungi’s role in the ecosystem, cultivation, history, safety… a lot of info. I’ve only managed to read a bit.

Found a list of the mushrooms you can grow and what sort of habitats they need, and there’s a list of each and how to cook them for maximum tasty (there’s also a danger-shroom section). But I don’t think I can make it through it all, my head is now so full of all the mushroom names and mushroomy knowledge, that my brain has become like the mushy, filamentous skin of a mushroom.

~ New Words ~
糸状 (しじょう) - String like / Filamentous
大正 (たいしょう) - Taisho Era (1912-1926)

Shroom Words (there's a lot)

菌類 (きんるい) - Fungus / Fungi
松茸 (まつたけ) - Matsutake Mushroom
滑子 (なめこ) - Nameko Mushroom
担子菌類 (たんしきんるい) - Basidiomycetes (Fungi family group)
冬虫夏草 (とうちゅうかそう) - Caterpillar Fungus
チャワンタケ - Pezizomycotina
編笠茸 (あみがさたけ) - Common Morel
菌糸体 (きんしたい) - Mycelium
えのき茸 (えのきたけ) (榎茸) - Enoki Mushroom (those fun long ones that are really quite tasty)
ひら茸 (ひらたけ) (平茸) - Oyster Mushroom (these are tasty)
種菌 (しゅきん) - “The Mother Shroom”, not entirely sure there’s a direct translation for this, but it’s fungal colony they use to start fermentation - the Starter Culture. There is kind of a word! - Inoculum.
純粋培養 (じゅんすいばいよう) - Pure Culture
マッシュルーム - Common Mushroom - the Japanese name is literally just “Mushroom” :laughing:
原木栽培 (げんばくさいばい) - Log Cultivation
菌床栽培 (きんしょうさいばい) - (Mushroom) Bed Cultivation
あらげ木耳 (あらげきたけ) (荒毛木耳 / 粗毛木耳) - Cloud Ear Fungus …this… is edible…?
橅湿地 (ぶなしめじ) - Brown Beech Mushroom (these are pretty good)

Listing all these mushrooms is giving me flashbacks of playing Metal Gear Solid 3 and feeding Snake all the mushrooms you find in the woods and him remarking how tasty they all are well… most of them.

Pretty sure this is more than enough to qualify you to become a… きのこの専門家
My brain also went on a similar epic fantasy mushroom adventure :rofl: