📚📚 Read every day challenge - Fall/Autumn 2021 🍁🍂🦝

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Hey all, sorry for the lack of updates and replies to your lovely messages, my right wrist has decided to pack it in so I’m in quite a bit of pain, so I’'ll be minimising excess computer usage for the next few days to get some recovery in, so I wanted to get in one last reply at least. I’m still keeping up with reading, I might just be quiet for a few days.

October 13th - reread /read first 3 pages of demon slayer, got all the grammar points I was unsure about down

October 14th - read 5 more pages of demon slayer =O, and helped a friend breakdown some sentences in やがて君になる (1).

Thanks everyone (@sycamore, @Aislin, @NicoleIsEnough, others oh god I hope I haven’t missed a reply) for the support and cheering-on <3 <3 <3

Thank you for joining us! We’ve obviously loved having you with us and I personally really look forward to seeing more of you again in the future =D

I completely understand this, after the last reading challenge I took probably a few weeks or so off just not reading at all to kind of recover - the rest breaks between these sprints are very much needed.

=D I’m super glad to hear that my tone came across over text correctly =D

Huh, so this is probably obvious and exactly what you expected… but despite the sentences being obviously harder, it was still much easier to do?

~3 times I’ve sat down with the next graded reader in the pack to try read it, opened it, and just noped out - usually going back to read a manga I’m interested in instead.
The graded readers despite being way easier in vocab & grammar sometimes feel like I’m swimming through mud / custard / some-non-newtonian-fluid.

Last night I sat down to read ‘just one page for the days goal’ and ended up with 5, by which point it was past midnight and I stopped so I could wind down for bed.

Whenever I think about the fact that you and many other users on these forums are speaking English as a second language, I’m just so impressed. You’re learning another language in a 2nd language. mind=blown.

Thanks for the links, I had a question about the first few pages and thankfully the demon slayer thread covered it in their last post before they stopped (じゃない in the non-negative sense) =D

That is quite seriously the sweetest offer, maybe ever, reading this the other day made me so very happy and its why I wanted to make sure to get a reply in today before I vanish for a bit :sob:
But I really wouldn’t want you to read something that didn’t interest you!