📚📚 Read every day challenge - Fall/Autumn 2021 🍁🍂🦝

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Day XL: この音とまれ! pg. 31-35 & 10月10日: 銭湯の日 :bathtub:

Pretty tired today, read 4 pages of この音とまれ!, one of the pages was super full with writing, took quite a bit of getting through.

Also read today’s 記念日, and it’s 銭湯の日 (Public bath day) !
A bath sounds so good right now.
銭湯 is a word I’ve been getting wrong on here quite a bit, hopefully this’ll make it stick better.
It’s a pun! 1010 = 千 (せん) 10 (とお / とう) → せんとう = 銭湯

Also futon day! Futon also sounds real good right now…
so sleepy

~ New Words! ~
愛護 (あいご) - Protection / Tender Care
アイメイト - Guide dog - blindness support dog. This is such a cute word! Eye-mate… that is so wholesome. There is also a link to the official guide-dog association: アイメイト協会, now I’m trapped looking at good dogs and then the main page greets with this:

「アイは I (私)」「アイは EYE (目)」 「アイは 愛 (LOVE)」


:sob: :sob: such good dogs… :guide_dog: