📚📚 Read every day challenge - Fall/Autumn 2021 🍁🍂🦝

Home post October 10th finished graded-reader 桃太郎ももたろう, and then read 9 chapters (10 - 18 incl.) of ​​チーズスイートホーム (1) =O =O =O

I’m starting to find the graded readers a bit tedious to get through, I used to be excited enough from the prospect of reading in Japanese at all, but now they’re kind of like pulling teeth as I find the material quite meh. The last few I’ve found myself skim reading parts of them, as they often have lots of fairy-tale-esque repeatition - being able to skim like this is pretty cool I guess.

Was kind of feeling a little over the slice-of-life nature of チーズスイートホーム so trying to push through it so I can finish it up, hopefully to come back to another volume at a later date. I think this is mostly due to my low Japanese level kind of restricting me to slice-of-life manga, which is not a genre I typically read a lot of, so I’m feeling a little ~ “burned out” on that kind of content. I tried to push through a little bit, and then just kept going as I got closer and closer to my goal of finishing it.

大海原と大海原 has been a breathe of fresh air, as its the first manga which has truly felt like I’m reading it for the story/plot and not just because of my reading level. I’m likewise excited for 王様ランキング for similar reasons, but trying to read at least a bit more of チーズスイートホーム first.