📚📚 Read every day challenge - Fall/Autumn 2021 🍁🍂🦝

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Day XXXVIII: この音とまれ! pg. 17-23 & 山女 :hotsprings:

Read 6 pages of この音とまれ! and I am really tripping up over the grammar and slangy words, there’s only about 1/4 in length here than the other story but it took me probably more than twice as long to read.

And read today’s 百物語, about a one-eye ghost lady who haunts a mountain onsen. It originates from Gunma prefecture, didn’t read the prefecture page but had a quick glimpse and the Gunma prefecture symbol is really cool:


~ New Words! ~
同然 (どうぜん) - just like [something] / virtually the same as [something]
草津地方 (くさつちほう) - Kusatsu Region (Gunma Prefecture)
山小屋 (やまごや) - A hut or shack, especially one on a mountain
湯滝 - Yudaki Falls
月明かり (つきあかり) - Moonlight
今頃 (いまごろ) - About this time / Around this time
木こり (きこり) - Woodcutter / Lumberjack