📚📚 Read every day challenge - Fall/Autumn 2021 🍁🍂🦝

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September 25 very slowly working through dialogue from レイトン教授と不思議な町.
It turns out there are 2 versions of this game in Japanese, they first released a version without furigana, and then later released a “friendly version” with furigana. I had been expecting to have furigana, but then I thought I must have misremembered. Finally put 2 and 2 together. I’m kind of having fun battling Kanji, although I’m also a little tempted to spring for the furigana friendly version, but that seems wasteful now.

September 26 today is the last day where I can use my left arm for a while, so trying to get a bunch of typing tasks out of the way =p
Been trying to crunch a bit more WK than usual as I’ve been slacking off lately and surgery will only make that worse.
I’ve also been mining grammar and vocab from 王様ランキング and 大海原と大海原.
But my main task today has been working through A Dictionary of Basic Japanese Grammar to make Anki grammar cards for grammar points I’ve encountered in my reading, so even though I didn’t make any progress reading through a story today, I still read and worked to understand a lot of Japanese - so I’m counting it.

Over the next few days I’m hoping to keep up some form of reading, it might end up being graded readers as I can usually work them out in my head - whereas a lot of my other reading material is complex enough that I want to take notes and do more formal breakdowns.

I’m sorry I keep mentioning my surgery :sweat_smile:, I mentioned it as my reading has been a bit different lately and will likely be weirder for a while more still, I wasn’t trying to elicit sympathy from anyone but I really do appreciate all the wishes and thoughts =D

Once again, thank you all very much :pray:

See you all on the other side, although it may be a while before I post any updates :slight_smile:

I spoke about this game briefly above but I didn’t make it very clear what I was talking about =p

I posted a photo of the game arriving (but I didn’t mention the name in text, I linked to some discussion on it from the summer club).