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Day 15:

日本語: I read a fair amount of ミステリと言う勿れ and a bit of 魔王城でおやすみ.
Read-aloud: We read a chapter of 7SEEDS (and finished v19).


中国語: I read 立春.



What did I read:

  • 大海原と大海原, Pages 27-33

Wadanohara and her familiars are on the way to their home. Just when they’re about to return, Kuromaki catched up to them and passed to Wada something what’s important to her, but she forget in Witches country because she was too nervous. Wada is disstressted by the fact that she forgot this thing and says sorry to Kuromaki who went out of her way just to deliver this item.

Words I didn’t know: 鮫, 飛ぶ, 追いつく, 困る, 殺風景, 冗談, 大事, 届ける


Today I finished the first volume ofマ月期. I am totally disappointed Yasuke still didn’t kiss Hinata. But stuff happened and his soul is now trapped in Akari’s body. Now he needs to hold Akari’s hand the whole time if he doesn’t want to die. I still have the second volume but I will read something different tomorrow.

Which of my manga should I read next maybe 金田一少年の事件簿 if it’s not too hard. Actually I already read some of it translated maybe ten years ago. It’s about a young detective, I think he is still a student, solving murder mysteries.


Summary post

September 16
・Started Honzuki 6. (6% → 10%)

A not so tiny read today :eyes: :books:

some words and expressions

鍛冶・(かじ) - smithing, blacksmith
たかが知れている - to not amount to much
衆目・(しゅうもく) - all eyes, public attention
箔が付く・(はくがつく) - to increase in value, to gain prestige
考えあぐねる・(かんがえあぐねる) - to be at a loss, to think and think but get nowhere
喉から手が出る・(のどからてがでる) - to want something desperately, to want something (so badly one can taste it)

I am fluent! :DD …Wait, the power-ups cancel each other out? :eyes: :sweat_drops: :scream_cat:


Seeing this vocab reminded me that I learned the word たかが thanks to one of my favourite scenes in Haikyuu :star2:

Script of the scene (Tsukishima asking a question)

月島「僕は純粋に疑問なんですが、どうしてそんなに必死にやるんですか? バレーはたかが部活で将来履歴書に「学生時代部活を頑張りました」って書けるくらいの価値しかないんじゃないですか?」




:house_with_garden: home post

:heavy_check_mark: Day 7 (9月 15日) :sparkles:

What did I read:
2 stories yesterday, ~15min

:heavy_check_mark: Day 8 (9月 16日) :sparkles:
What did I read:
暁のヨナ, ch.35, about half of it, ~ 15pages

Not very good reading days… yesterday was so busy, I was so sleepy when reading… and today I’ve had a raging migraine, it just won’t go… even mustering strength to read half a chapter or write here is a feat, if I do say so myself :pensive: coming across the tanuki love outpour galore is the only healing tho :raccoon: I feel refreshed~

On a brighter note, I’m one week in askdadjakdj I can’t believe this :sob: :pray:
It’s all thanks to everyone here being such an inspiration! thank you all! Let’s keep it going!

Will add vocab tomorrow!


It is kind of an offtopic perhaps, but for October I 100% will need to find something to read (because Wadanohara absolutely won’t last for 1.5 months), so I was wondering if somebody here read 鹿の王? If so, did you like it?


I think @Naphthalene did



I think mine might have been faulty or something, my wi-fi hasn’t even gotten better (I think it might have got worse). Maybe yours will unlock kanji in your brain that hasn’t even been invented yet, super special secret kanji :eyes:


Summary post

Day 16: September 16
What did I read?: 雨と君と
How much did I read?: 45 pages - finished the volume
How long did it take me?: 26 min

I…I finished reading the tanuki manga already??? D:
Need to order the next volume asapppp but there are only 2 volumes total right now I think D:::::
But it was such a cute ending :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Watching the fireworks together at the summer festival <3
Honestly all these last chapters were super cute, I think the tanuki’s cuteness grows more powerful each day

My favorite word of today is ほくほく - being pleased with oneself; beaming happily; chuckling to oneself​

Here's why :3

Some other good words:
おっしゃる通り (おっしゃるとおり) - I agree with you; it is as (someone) says
些細 (ささい) - trivial; slight (I really like that first kanji, don’t ask me why)

These are some words that I needed in my life
The mental image of that last one is low-key terrifying though?? :fearful:


Summary Post

Day 16: September 16th
Satori Reader: Secret, episode 42.

Random words
  • 一員 = いちいん member.
  • 並大抵 = なみたいてい average, ordinary.
  • 胸を張る = むねをはる to throw out one’s chest, to be filled with pride.


I only read the first volume and half of the second volume. @NicoleRauch read the full thing.



It has moments I really liked (I like the author’s style a lot, actually). However, the viewpoint just keeps jumping between different characters, which is something that really kills my momentum (regardless of the language). That’s why I kinda dropped the second volume :sweat_smile: I’ll get back to it this year, though.


Are you (also?) not sticking to the Wadanohara book club schedule?

There is a second volume of Wadanohara, although maybe you already factored that into your calculation.

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Summary post

Day 16: read another 2 pages of よつば&!


I’ll keep the part about switching between characters in mind. Overall seems like book is pretty interesting.

Right now I’m reading ahead of time and started chapter 2. I also took volume 2 into account. Though I think I can slow down and just read both Wadanohara and Deer King simultaneously. :thinking:

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At first the author published the series of four books, which I read. Some time later she released a fifth book, which is still on my tsundoku pile :sweat_smile:

Agreed! I found it to be a real page turner during some sections.

To clarify this a bit: There are two independent main story lines, and the book (which is organized into numbered sections and subsections) switches between them with each new subsection (most of the time). So it’s not really jumping around but rather switching back and forth. But I agree with Naphthalene that there are a lot of characters being introduced in both story lines, and they basically all play a role at some point later in the book. I ended up taking notes for who is who :sweat_smile: (This is the author’s style btw, she is very strong on world-building and tells a lot of the background story of the world, which of course also plays a role in the overall narrative.)

I loved the general setting (medieval fantasy), and I loved both main characters (from the two story lines). But! :grin: There’s a bit of a thing going on where they try to find out what happened and why, and so they keep speculating about what it might be, and keep repeating what they currently know and what the theories are (in a very deep way, with lots of complicated - to me - vocabulary), and those passages I found very tiring (especially in volumes 3 and 4). I had several points where I thought I should drop the book for good, but then it switched over to the other story line, and it was again so great that I just couldn’t stop. :woman_shrugging:
So overall, yes I liked it quite a bit. But I’m having a hard time to unconditionally recommend it.

Oh btw, @Vanilla if you want to extend your vocabulary in the (mild spoiler ahead) medical realm, and if you are into medieval fantasy (maybe not? :thinking:) then this might be something for you actually… (Can provide a few vocab-heavy sample pages if you are interested.)


Thank you for your detailed input!
Sounds good in general, so I’ll give it a try.

It’s going to be a noticeable jump in difficulty though, so wish me luck I guess.


Sure, I’ll take a look! What I kinda decided on was actually genre jumping and just finding stuff on the harder side within that genre if I can since I’ve been pretty limited to slice of life/romcom so far. I’ve got some fantasy and military themed stuff lined up, but medical seems like a good one too. although with my small tsundoku I’m trying to clear and the other books I have lined up, it may be 20+ books till I get to it :upside_down_face:


Super late, but I just made my first purchase of actual novels in Japanese so I might as well supplement my studying with some peer pressure as I get through them.

Currently reading 私の穴がうまらない and No.6 and 秋の牢獄 is next! (yeah I’m catching up with the intermediate book club.

I track all my study activity in an old-fashioned notebook so I suspect I will promptly forget about this page, but alas.

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