📚📚 Read every day challenge - Fall/Autumn 2021 🍁🍂🦝

.☆:STARDATE: 20210912:☆.

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Day XII: 野ギツネ :fox_face:

Tanuki’s friend: the fox! 「ココン!ココン!」

I listed to the story first without reading and was surprised with how much I understood, since I feel my listening is super poor. The slow and clear narration really helps.

Also, I love the narrator’s samurai voice: – わはははははは。ついに正体を現しおったな–

I read the story without listening after, I think I managed to fill in most of the gaps in understanding that I’d missed with listening (my head’s voice made sure to make the Samurai’s voice very epic). But I’m not so sure if I got all the readings correct, so I read and listened together to check on the kanji readings.

And, as always with Japanese, I’m surprised with what they decide to have in kanji and what to have in kana. Suppose I’ll get used to what to use eventually.