📚📚 Read every day challenge - Fall/Autumn 2021 🍁🍂🦝


:flushed: indeed!

Congrats on what sounds like an amazing end to the first week of this challenge!


Right?!?! I felt like my brain was scrabbled by the end though :rofl:
The last time I looked into the IBC, it was all so overwhelming. I can’t believe that now some of the books actually seem approachable now! Thanks so much for your encouragement both now and in the past :sparkles:

Ah, that’s so exciting!! And the fact that you’re ahead in the bookclub!?! No apologies for excitement and sharing needed, it’s so good to see :laughing::notes:

Congrats on a fantastic end of week 1 for you too!

can’t wait to see everyone else complete their first week today too <3
congratulations in advance to those about to post!


Wow, you deserve a prize :sparkles: :muscle: Thank you so much for your help!

Just curious: Did you also form an opinion which books / manga you like most? Or are the first few pages just not enough to figure that out?

It was amazing to see that you voted for “Minimal effort” on some of them :+1:
But then again, I am not surprised as you are reading full-blown novels here as well. Looking forward to reading with you in the next Intermediate Club :blush:


Home post
7 days completed! thank you so much to @windupbird for starting this thread. Like others, I’ve looked at the Tadoku thread and felt a bit intimidated but committing for two months, and for any amount of content feels so much more achievable.

Todays’ delight was coming across one of my WK leeches in the wild, and reading it correctly first time! Almost certainly will fail it again when it comes up for review next time but I’ll get there eventually.

Further Discussions in Comparative Dokuing

One maybe counter-intuitive aspect of how personally I use the tadoku thread, is I don’t really think about the specific goals very much at all, especially not as day-to-day motivation.
I think of it kind of as like… picking some arbitrary numbers “oh, this seems about how much of X I could read in the rest of the year” and then just as background tracking so at the end of the year I can hopefully surprise myself with how high the number is. I think if one’s goal were 1 page for the whole year the thread would be just as fun and accepting about it.

With that thread I can just read for fun what I want when I want and as long as a I track it a little I’m participating, whereas this thread’s approach is a goal I would at least need to be conscious of every day.

To be clear though I 100% agree the slight differences in approaches makes a surprisingly big psychological difference that totally justifies having both, since either’s gonna suit some people more!

I suppose at the end of the day both threads can be anything you want to make of it on the scale of “casual wotcha reading thread” to “intense goal tracking motivation generator” and the only real reason I’ll end up sticking with tadoku is just because I prefer to talk about what I’m reading once I’m done and formed my thoughts about it. :slight_smile:


.☆:STARDATE: 20210907:☆.

:fallen_leaf: :maple_leaf: First week in! :maple_leaf: :fallen_leaf:

Day VII: 機巧少女は傷つかない :books:

This is getting kinda meta, reading about a light novel in the reading thread rather than reading it :thinking:

I usually spend about an hour reading and see how far I can get into an article (spoiler: not very far), but this article is HUGE. I think it’d take until the end of this challenge to complete it.

大英帝国 - British Empire, first time seeing this. It amuses me that it’s “Big English Emperor Country”, though saying that, it makes a lot of sense.

Never heard of this before but I just love all the cool sounding names for everything:

神性機巧 - Divine Technique
魔術喰い - Black Magic Eater
剣帝 - Sword Emperor or better yet… :crossed_swords:The Sword Lord :crossed_swords:

And my favourite so far: 焼却の魔王 - :fire: :fire: Demon King of Incineration :fire: :fire:


I always have a ton of indecision, so there’ll always be some doubts just from reading the first few pages, but I do have a couple books that I’ll be adding to my 読みたい本 list on Bookmeter!

Which are....

I’ve been wanting to read novels lately, and within that 地球星人 and TSUGUMI are my two front runners.

地球星人’s story sounds intriguing (I’m in the mood for drama!), and there are plenty of words I can pick up while reading it seems!

Pretty much the same feeling for TSUGUMI. The story description sounds not as twisted as 地球星人, but there’s the add bonus of it being recognized in the art of storytelling (I want to experience what that means).

If it’s a manga, I’m super into reading 日本人の知らない日本語✨ I live for this type of knowledge!

I could go for literally so many of the others too, but I think the top three for now is best.

If I join, this would be my first bookclub! I’m really excited and curious to see which one gets selected.


Streak Count: 5

I was on the fence about whether or not to reset my count. I didn’t so much read as translate fifteen minutes of episode 1 of 破門. I was only going to do an important exposition sequence because I barely understood it back when I watched it, but then I was just having fun translating.

I was going to give myself a streak of zero, but I suppose I read every line via the subtitles. And looked up so much vocab about construction work. Riveting. :woozy_face:

Nah, I kid. I came across a lot of interesting stuff outside of that. ^^ I didn’t really take any notes, but I usually just look through my kotobank and jisho search history for the day to check what I had to look up.

I think I’ll resort to looking more stuff up through the kotobank app. Then I can add words that I look up more than once to my 単語帳.


I just have to say that this little challenge has been good motivation for me so far. I usually dread reading because it’s very mentally taxing and takes hours for me to make much progress, so a more relaxed mindset of ‘I just have to do a little bit so I can keep up my streak’ is a nice change. Cheers to all you other eager readers. :fallen_leaf:


Home post

Day 6:

日本語: I read a fair amount of パノラマ島綺譚.
Read-aloud: We read a chapter of ハイキュー.


中国語: I read 聪明药.


Sep 6th: Read 3 pages of 糞尿譚.
Sep 7th: Read 1.5 pages of 糞尿譚.

Sadly I didn’t read as much as I wanted to, but a lot of other stuff was going on (Japanese- and work-wise), so I don‘t complain.


Main post

Day 7 :heavy_check_mark: (one week completed yay :sparkles:)

I read the second volume of ばらかもん. It’s really a nice manga, I had a lot of fun rediscovering it in Japanese!

Me whenever I manage to read a whole sentence without opening a dictionary

  • 辛辣 (しんらつ) : bitter (e.g. criticism)
  • 究極 (きゅうきょく) : ultimate; final; last; eventual
  • 墨汁 (ぼくじゅう) : India ink; China ink
  • (すずり) : inkstone
  • 野良猫 (のらねこ) : stray cat
  • 尋常 (じんじょう) : common
  • 無闇 (むやみ) : thoughtless; reckless
  • 駄菓子 (だがし) : cheap sweets
  • (ふ) : wheat gluten (usu. steamed or baked)​
  • 率直 (そっちょく) : frank
  • 信憑性 (しんぴょうせい) : authenticity
  • 逝く (いく) : to pass away​
  • 登校 (とうこう) : attendance (at school)
  • 羞恥 (しゅうち) : shyness
  • 荒ぶ (すさぶ) : to become more severe
  • 模索 (もさく) : searching (for an answer, solution, etc.)
  • 蜃気楼 (しんきろう) : mirage
  • 器量 (きりょう) : looks (esp. of a woman)
  • 妄想 (もうそう) : wild idea; delusion
  • 略奪 (りゃくだつ) : pillage
  • 皆無 (かいむ) : nonexistent
  • (まれ) : rare
  • 余所 (よそ) : outside (one’s family or group)
  • 馴染む (なじむ) : to become familiar with; to fit in

Summary post

September 7
・Read Honzuki 5. (90% → 91%)

I didn’t have time to write it last night, but the start of the epilogue really was something.

Tried to avoid writing spoilers

Wanted to ask マイン what the heck she was doing. I guess I kinda know the reason why now, but it still felt like she had done a big mistake, a bad move. I’m curious where this will lead. So far, the shinkanchou seems reasonably chill about it? xD I have no read on this guy…


I finished the first volume of 星と旅する. It was strange but still fun to read.
Then I started the second volume of あさこ I really like the manga. Unfortunately I think there are only three volumes published.


Has it been a week already? :sparkles:

My bits and pieces of 授乳 the previous days actual ended up being exactly week one of the book club schedule, go figure. I read the part for week 2 yesterday.
More importantly, for myself, I read more of リゼロ17, finally managing to finish chapter 4. This volume has such long parts! For some reason I always find it much harder to find the motivation to start reading long parts than if there’s a lot of breaks.
I also read a bit of 人間失格.

Today I read the week 3 part of 授乳. Looking forward to finishing the first short story soon! I also read a few pages of 使ってはいけない日本語, and chapter 3 of キノの旅1, which I’m re reading right now.


love puns!


Summary Post

Day 7: September 7th
Recettear: An Item Shop’s Tale

Random words
  • 中身 = なかみ contents, interior (what is inside something).
  • 帰還 = きかん return, repatriation.
  • 探索 = たんさく exploration, search, investigation.
  • 卒倒 = そっとう fainting.
  • 軌道に乗る = きどうにのる to be on track, to go as planned.
  • 返済 = へんさい repayment, reimbursement (debt, etc).
  • 就寝 = しゅうしん going to bed, retiring for the night.
  • 金融 = きんゆう finance, financing.
  • 市場 = いちば market.

Followed a bit more of the game I started yesterday. So far, so good.


Summary post

Day 7: September 7
What did I read?: ハイ☆スピード!
How much did I read?: 4 pages
How long did it take me?: 1 hour 5 min

Man, I’m tiredddd as heck today. Still managed to read 4 pages, and fairly fast? :flushed: But not a ton of energy left for writing this post :sweat_smile: I need to stop updating so late tbh, I probably should have gone to bed like an hour ago

Today’s pages were a little bit depressing - it’s a cold, windy winter day in the novel and man did it feel that way. :sweat_smile: A feeling that was further accentuated by Haru’s memory of the freaking funeral procession… Gotta say, the author does know how to create a mood. Poor sweet baby Makoto “hiding in Haru’s shadow” while they watch the funeral procession just broke my heart a little bit…like I just want to comfort him :cry: And then after we get done remembering that, we have a brief and awkward interaction with Aki in which Haru basically overthinks everything he says and does, and concludes that’s he’s saying and doing literally everything “wrong.” Which honestly, what a relatable mood <3

Good words from today (this novel is so full of good words that I want to remember, I love it):

  • うつむく - to hang one’s head; to look down; to cast one’s eyes downward
  • 知らず知らず (しらずしらず) - unconsciously; unwittingly; unawares
  • 嗚咽 (おえつ) - sobbing; weeping; fit of crying (and honestly, what a distressed-looking word, like the kanji just look like sobbing)
  • 蠢く (うごめく) - to wriggle; to squirm; to crawl like a worm​ (this was written in kana, but I had to include this kanji, I mean look at it. It’s got bugs in it. I really love when kanji look like their meanings, can you tell)
  • ぶっきら棒 (ぶっきらぼう) - Haruka Nanase curt; blunt; brusque
  • 思い当たる (おもいあたる) - to suddenly understand (esp. on basis of experience or memory); to come to mind; to recall (in a flash); to be reminded of; to call to mind; to think of; to strike on; to hit on an answer; to seize the crux of a problem

Me at me: stop editing this post and go to bed



:white_check_mark: 7日目 9月8日

Today’s reading from NHK News Web Easy: 使わなくなったたばこの自動販売機埼玉県狭山茶

Interesting reuse of old cigarette machines, but instant tea is :nauseated_face:


Does anybody here have a blank template for the challange?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile: