📚📚 Read every day challenge - Fall/Autumn 2021 🍁🍂🦝

Been reading 無職転生, I’m at the end of volume 6 now. It’s been quite entertaining in general, and not as hard to read as I initially thought.


Words cannot properly convey how mad I am at what happens near the end of the volume though. I (think I) get what the author is trying to do, but the way it was handled made no sense to me. I’m still salty.


Read bit more of 雲の向こう、約束の場所.
Also started reading some of the reading practice thingies on Bunpro. Overall kinda neat, would’ve been nice reading practice back when I first started studying grammar but whatevs.


Woooow, that sounds like a great achievement! One month precisely :wink:

Awww you’re so very welcome :hugs:

Speaking of which, here is your vocab deck for Volume 2 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
[EDIT: Just realized that the export was incomplete; now it’s fixed]

And if you like, could you ping me once you’re around halfway through Vol. 2 so that I can continue reading a bit ahead of you? I’m currently indulging in some other books (and also JLPT stuff, urgh) but I’d like to continue reading the Demon Slayer at some point.


And his teacher being all like “OMG he’s hopeless” :rofl: Loved that!


Please don’t feel obliged to keep reading ahead of me or anything, but the company is welcome if you’re enjoying it :slight_smile:

Please don’t let me distract you from JLPT! I don’t expect to hear much from you until after December 6th IIRC.
I’m willing to offer my best efforts not engaging and/or ignoring you until then if need be :grin:


So far I haven’t been using the vocab sheets much because my RSI flaring up has forced me to convert manga time to being away from a computer (using a physical electronic jisho and grammar books) - I’ve been finding it very relaxing letting myself skip over things a bit more too (although the more I read the less I feel I’m skipping).

On my jisho I’m keeping a list of things ive looked up for demon slayer which might be worth learning (turned out my jisho has list keeping functions), my plan is to cross reference this with your vocab sheets to build a Demon Slayer Anki deck with hopefully much less typing than it normally takes me - but I don’t want to be pushing any of that burden into you - so only if you’re otherwise doing it and it’s no fuss.

Tanjiro & co

Hahaha exactly, the teacher wondering what he’s gotten himself into.

The whole volume 1 arc with the teacher was lovely to see, particularly with respect to males showing affection and emotion.


No worries, I don’t feel obliged or anything, I genuinely like it :slight_smile:

Unfortunately I’m old enough to distract me on my own already :joy:
No, but seriously. I found that I need some downtime in between or else I won’t last until the end. Reading Demon Slayer and cleaning up its vocab has been quite a good downtime so far, so nothing to worry about. And then, you know, it’s only 3 weeks until the test, so I figured you would maybe not be able to repeat some stuff from Vol. 1 and read Vol. 2 halfway through in those three weeks anyway :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Isn’t it?

No way! Do you think you are learning? :scream:

Ah, I see! I thought maybe you’d be interested in learning ahead a little bit (which my list would allow you to do). But I don’t know how helpful my lists would be anyways as I already know the more common vocab, which would be the most beneficial for you to learn, probably?
In any case, I’m doing those vocab lists for myself anyway so if you can benefit from them, that’s great, and if not, then there is no need for you to feel bad about that.


So much that! I really like their gentleness.

Meanwhile the sister be like



Main Post

Just finished reading volume 1 of hero Avan. There were only 4 chapters, though they’re pretty sizeable. I wouldn’t say I got all of it, as there’s plenty of words and kanji I hadn’t seen before, but as the set up is pretty simple it isn’t that hard to follow along. That makes it pretty fun to read and not as overwhelming.

I think the parallels with Dai are pretty interesting and it’s definitely intended as a way to pull people in. You don’t end the volume on that last page otherwise. Although I think it is good just on its own as well. Below I posted some pictures I took.


Here Leila wrecked all the villagers in a bid to accompany Avan.

References DQ, which has a traditional turnbased battle system.

Avan showcases the first of his signature moves, the Earth Slash. Which he learned not that long ago, characterizing his growth and establishing him as a Hero in true DQ fashion. Also an amazing moment to end the volume on.

Will be starting volume 2 tomorrow. They added a sneak peek after the last chapter :eyes:


Drats, well sadly I can’t offer any help with keeping @NicoleRauch away from you.
I don’t think I’ll make a lot of progress in 3 weeks, if anything I have been kind of neglecting other things I should be reading.

other things I should be / want to be reading
  • finish this damn grader reader pack, so close to freedom
  • finish Wadanohara vol 1. as the vol 2. offshoot starts soon
  • ABBC has just started a book I wanted to check out

I’m tossing up slowing down Demon Slayer a bit to try burn through these, as they should all be quite a bit easier, although DS is peak interest right now =D

Hahahah okay fair, so hear me out.
Normally I do a lot of work alongside reading like writing/typing out sentences, doing breakdowns, making Anki cards of key material.
But this time I’m mostly not, for a while I was at the start and it helped, but the last 2/3 of Vol 1 I 99% just read it looking things up as needed. I did type up (by voice) a few key sentences, but for the most part just pushed through.
I’m mostly surprised at how much I feel I’ve been able to learn despite not doing all that extra effort I normally put in :thinking:

Normally I would 100% be up for Anki-ing words ahead of time, it is my normal strategy, and I even started doing this initially for Demon Slayer. But RSI now means I am trying to minimise non-work computer time, so even my Anki reviews are a bit bare-boned.

I think your vocab sheets would have worked (and will eventually work) for exactly my needs =D

how I plan to use these sheets in Anki

For this kind of reading I normally put all the super common words into my main vocab deck, and then I have a secondary “context deck” for each thing I read which contains words I only want to be able to recognize in the context of that work. So far I think most of the unknown words I’ve encountered are words you have in your vocab sheet, so it all works out give or take.

Out of interest, are your Anki decks primarily isolated words?

reflections on how the way I have used Anki appears to be giving diminishing returns

I am starting to feel like I’m getting diminishing returns from my main Anki vocab deck, I think my grammar sentence deck is much more bang for time spent and I’m very slowly working on a sentence deck which I hope will be similar.

My main vocab deck tends to make 3 cards for each note (1) En front (production), (2) Kanji front (kanji recog.), (3) Kana front (kana recog.)
I’m finding the en front to be very hit and miss, and the kana front is becoming less and less useful as I tend to have more and more homophone clashes or near clashes.

Oops, I’m meant to be not distracting you. Feel free to reply after JLPT, none of this is urgent.


I freakin loved that scene so much, I was a bit worried they were making Nezuko into a passive character, so that scene made me feel a lot better about how she’s being written =D

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Started Volume 7 of the 無職転生 light novel and it has an overall depressing feel to it. Not surprising. Not sure how I feel about the new characters yet.

Tried to read a book called 葬送, by 平野 啓一郎. Someone recommend it to me after I mentioned how much I like Chopin’s music. It’s stupid hard for me, there’s stuff in there that I swear I have never seen in any JLPT1 grammar book, and the natives I asked about it all told me it was hard to read. I get the gist of a lot of it, but this book makes me feel the same way I felt when I tried to read videogames or visual novels during my N4/3 days. I really want to read it, but it’s such a drag at the moment so I’ll read some other stuff before I try it again.


Today I managed to read 120 manga pages and a whole page from 5分で読める恐怖のラストの物語. It seems books I had a hard time reading in the past are much easier now.

Of course books are usually easier than visual novels and I won’t be happy until I can read all visual novels I’m interested in and understand most of it. There is still a very steep hill to climb.


Almost done with volume 7 of 無職転生. I feel like my reading speed has been increasing.

I didn’t expect the guy to be traumatized enough to get ED. This is funny, silly, and depressing at the same time.


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Finished reading volume 2 of hero Avan yesterday. Will be diving into volume 3 today. I thought it was interesting as the focus turned to Roca more this volume and him being the key to have Matoriv join the party. It was quite fun and I think it will be a great source for returning to it later on. One of the differences with the Dai series, is that they seem to be forming more or less like a hero party in DQ and eventhough they’re constantly on the run the little moments together as a party really add to the experience.


So, if anyone’s interested how my diagnosis went, I scored just within the norm for hearing in background noise after all, although I had to really struggle to figure out the words and I think that if I didn’t 頑張る so much or was feeling a little bit worse I might as well get the score just below the norm. Still, it isn’t that hopeless, at least, even if the problem is there.

There are other things, thought, that are outside of the norms:
^ increased sensitivity to sound (as in, I was bothered by sounds most people consider normal - it was an interesting find, because I always thought my main problem was hypersensitivity to touch and that my sensitivity to sound is more or less normal. Just now I’m discovering that nope, the sound that toilet makes while flushing shouldn’t be perceived as annoying.)
^ problems with judging the sound pitch - well, I suspected that considering how people hate when I’m singing (and I like singing…) and how the pitch accent in Japanese is an alien concept to me
^ problems when I was hearing two sounds at the same time and I was to say what just my right/left ear was hearing. I consider this exercise impossible to be done :no_mouth:

All in all, not great not terrible, I guess. I had my suspicions confirmed that I struggle more than most, but it also wasn’t a complete disaster, so maybe with some extra work I will be able to conquer Japanese (and other languages) listening after all. :triumph:


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Just finished reading through the last chapter of volume 3 of hero Avan. This volume dives more into Avan himself as he learns his new signature technique that makes up part of Avan Strash. It is quite good. I think my only disappointment is really just that Leila is there so she can wear sexy outfits, but that is not uncommon in DQ or Dai sadly. Anyway the volume ends on a good note and they add some crossover in an after special comic.


Next volume comes out in March next year :eyes:
In the meantime I think I’ll read more of Spy x Family starting tomorrow.


home post

Day 82 \o/

  • Nov 12 - graded reader 2 pages
  • Nov 13th - wadanohara 15 pages (all of chapter 5), 2 pages from ABBC colours, demon slayer game
  • Nov 14th - graded reader 3 pages
  • Nov 15th - wadanohara 8 pages (starting chapter 6), going back over some hard demon slayer snippets
  • Nov 16th - wadanohara 1 page
  • Nov 17th - wadanohara 2 pages
  • Nov 18th - graded reader 1 page, working on demon slayer character summary page, working with friend to decipher their manga
  • Nov 19th - graded reader 2 pages
  • Nov 20th - wadanohara 5 pages (finished chapter 6), graded reader 15 pages (finishing my last graded reader)
  • Nov 21st - wadanohara 17 pages (all of chapter 7 and bonus content, finishing volume 1)

I’m finally free of the graded readers I bought \o/
Finishing wadanohara means I’ve finished 4 manga so far, putting me ahead of my extensive reading goal of 3 manga by the end of the year.

18 more days to reach 100, hopefully my continual posts here aren’t annoying anyone >.>


I bought a book recently and got excited and wanted to share it here I also miss this place :raccoon:

The book is in Japanese, but there’s English translations that run alongside (in rather literal English). It’s also mostly just full-page pictures too… but it’s still reading Japanese!

It’s all about Ukiyo-e, but focusing on yokai and ghosts and all that fun stuff.

Picture (it’s kinda hard taking photos of open books)

so pretty

Also, I’ve been keeping up reading stories on Hukumusume almost daily, I’ve not been reading weekends and sometimes miss a busy day in the week, but thanks to these threads I’ve been keeping up the habit!


I’ve forgotten - when are we going to do the next challenge? :eyes: Dec 1st or Jan 1st :snowman_with_snow: :sled:


I think we were planning to start a new thread/challenge on January 1st!
Meanwhile, there’s me, I still haven’t written the summary post I meant to write for the Fall challenge :joy::sob:
I didn’t forget, I’ve just been trying to claw my way out of a stress hole for the entire month of November


Emerging back from the depths!!!

I haven’t had the chance to write for a while, I just came back from two busy weeks and a few last hectic days, but I’m back to normalcy again :partying_face: . I’ve been keeping up with NieR: Automata though! What a game, seriously, I’m loving it. I’ve played 27h so far, all in Japanese, and although I’ve most definitely missed nuance here and there, I’m surprisingly able to follow everything just fine. Now, the magic of these games is fully grasping the philosophical questions they raise; I would love to understand everything completely and not miss a thing, but time to time :relaxed: , I’ll get there some day hopefully!

But I’ve missed this thread a lot. I will try to keep posting semi frequently until January. But on a side note, I think I’ve kind of settled for an SRS app, finally, and the winner is Houhou. I just want to stop jumping from one to the other, and I like that Houhou is basically just custom WaniKani. So hopefully I will just put everything in there and that’s it to build my own collection, not changing again every couple of months. My only issue is that it doesn’t allow combinations like “zya” for じゃ :frowning_face: , it’s my preferred way over “ja” but it’s a small inconvenience.

But anyways it’s nice to read you guys again :smiley: I hope everyone’s been doing well!


I continued with the challenge. I even found a way to change the calendar to include a November checklist. Now I have finally finished 天使な小生意気 Vol. 1. Most of the words I didn’t understand but I know the story because I have watched the entire anime and read the entire manga. I also have the English translation of Vol. 1. So I figured it would be no problem to go through the manga. Well, I was right. Now that I’ve finished Vol. 1, I have remembered why I only read this manga once. This was written back in the time when persistent harassment equaled love. Anyway, I have finally finished. I skipped a few days coming down to the end. I got caught up in an English series, The Expanse. However, I remembered that I only had a few pages to read so I decided to finish it today.

I went searching on Bookwalker and there is another sale on. I got over 20 volumes of manga free. Now I am spoiled for choice. What should I read next, a shoujo or shonen? Well, I can decide that tomorrow. Or maybe I should take a few days break and start again in December? It only took me a month or so to read 天使な小生意気 if I exclude the breaks and the times that I only read one page. Well, I will see how I feel tomorrow.


Main Post

Read through volume 2 of Spy x Family. It was much easier to read compared to volume 1, so something is going well. Despite that it is still wrecking me here and there lol. Anya is still really cute and the star of the manga. This volume ending on quite a cliffhanger, so I gotta continue reading :eyes:

After finishing this volume I’ll take a break from reading (every day). Oh and I reached 30 volumes read on bookmeter. :books: