📚📚 Read every day challenge - Fall 2023 🧣🍂🍁

29th november

after a productive day i’ve now finished everything in the main game! can’t believe i forgot the puppet theatre thing yesterday, of the minigames it definitely took the longest and was the most difficult thanks to its ‘fill in the blank’ format out of 24 word options (no kanji). lots of reading content tho, cos each incorrect option for each blank had unique fail text based on the word you picked.

today’s nhk article was this one, finished the granblue chapter from yesterday, and read the entries on または and 目 in aDoIJG

(more than usual) words that stood out:

功を奏する(こうをそうする)(to bear fruit, to succeed)
歪(いびつ)(crooked, irregular, warped, oval)
座右の銘(ざゆうのめい)(favourite motto, pet saying)
ミーハー (follow the crowd type, sheep. shortened form of みいちゃんはあちゃん)
一途(いちず)(wholehearted, straightforward, earnest, devoted to)

btw leak in ceiling seems to be fixed :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers: (faulty seal in one of the pipes). but considering this is the second time i’m not too hopeful :sweat_smile: