📚📚 Read every day challenge - Fall 2023 🧣🍂🍁

24th october

home post

managed vol 19 of jjk which was a bit easier than yesterday? it was easier to follow and more interesting i think. difficult bits were a fair amount of legalese and some untranslated chinese in the middle which is just there for no apparent reason and is never mentioned again. thanks gege :+1: hopefully higuruma comes back at some point, he’s interesting and i like him

today’s nhk article was this one (:pensive:) and did watched another half an hour or so of kurohyou 2 (might watch more later we’ll see). read the entries on どんなに~(こと)か and どうせ which finally takes me out of the Ds!

words that stood out:
呪術廻戦:口先(くちさき)(lip service), 古物商(こぶつしょう)(antiques business, second-hand goods shop), 風営法(ふうえいほう)(Act on Control and Improvement of Amusement Business, etc. a law regulating adult entertainment businesses)