📚📚 Read every day challenge - Fall 2023 🧣🍂🍁

I technically started this challenge at the start of October, but I was so horrifically busy last week, I only just now got around to setting up my home post :sweat_smile:.

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= Japanese
= Japanese and Spanish

As always, I’m aiming to read something in both Japanese and Spanish every day (this chart will almost definitely not be kept up to date)! So far, I have kept up an unbroken daily streak of practicing immersion in both languages every single day this year. Will this be the challenge that breaks me?

…Honestly, if it’s going to happen, it’ll probably be now, because October and November are historically the busiest months by far for me. I’m doing a daily drawing challenge for October, and I’ll be busy with National Novel Writing Month in November. But I survived last year and the year before, so I think I got this! :triumph:

What I'll be reading in Japanese:

My main priority is, as always, my Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling translations. I translate the in-ring promos and post-match comments for every TJPW show, using 週刊プロレス’s transcripts of the wrestler’s speech alongside the video footage, so it’s sort of both reading/listening practice, but is mostly reading.

I’ll be counting the TJPW translations for this challenge, and that’ll probably make up the vast majority of my reading.

Besides that, I did start reading しまなみ誰そ彼 along with the LGBT+GSRM book club here on the forum. I’m reading this pretty extensively, though I do have a copy that I ran through Mokuro, so I’m using Yomichan and such, but I haven’t been spending more than a minute or two per page, and I probably won’t be posting much in the club thread. I feel like my comprehension is decent, though!

I also have a goal of finally finishing 大海原と大海原 volume 3. It’s a bit ambitious to aim for that now, but I sort of want to try to finish it before December? I’m running nearly two years behind the book club for it, haha. Manga has gotten so much easier for me to read now, it should go quicker now than it has in the past.

And finally, I’d like to finish Read Real Japanese Fiction by the end of the challenge period! I’ve read the first short story, but that’s it.

Besides those things, I’m still trying to catch up on A Dictionary of Basic Japanese Grammar book club, so hopefully I’ll be getting back into that soon, but I won’t be counting it for the purposes of this challenge, so that’ll be happening on top of the other reading I’m doing.

I also won’t be counting any of the Tobira reading or exercises that I’m doing.

I have a couple additional translation projects that I’ve backburnered for the time being that I might end up working on, though… If I do, I will count those!

What I'll be reading in Spanish:

In the last challenge, I started reading a novel called Las malas by Sosa Villada. The writing is pretty tough, so it’s been slow-going, but the book is good and I intend to finish it! I’m guessing it’ll keep me occupied for the entire challenge period.

If I do miraculously finish it and need to find something else to read, I’ll probably look for an easier book next, though I don’t really have anything in particular in mind.