📚📚 Read every day challenge - Fall 2023 🧣🍂🍁

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・サイレント・ウイッチ III (20% → 23%)

Just a light read on the train.


I’m glad you asked! If we ignore all the years I’ve been watching anime since junior high, my journey started in university.

2019 (2nd semester of 1st year): We did Genki 1 and I was lucky to discover and use WK pretty early. Saved me on kanji tests. During the third semester we did Genki 2 and eventually I got into doing more grammar with BunPro. In October I started reading the manga Haikyuu whose story I was quite familiar with already.

Then in 2020 I joined the 氷菓 book club. Also started reading the Sword Art Online light novel because I heard it was around N2 level and thought “perfect! I’m nowhere near that level and it’s another story I’m familiar with”. It took me months to finish those two books. It went super slow, but <5 pages/hour of SAO eventually turned into 10 pages/hour. Several months per book got down to 3 weeks.

I have a spreadsheet of all the (non-manga) books I’ve read and when I finished them.

I finished my bachelor’s degree in Japanese language before summer 2021. That’s when I got the idea of starting the Read every day challenge. I thought that that summer vacation was going to be my last chance to spend lots of time doing Japanese stuff before going to uni again (in a different field where I could land a job). I’m so happy I made time for studying JP and reading in my free time even after that. Later that year I passed N2, so that was pretty cool :3

So that makes it more or less 4 years of reading. On bookmeter I got bookshelves with what I’ve read for each year, including manga.