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I finished 晴れのち四季部 vol 3!

Chiaki calls Azuma his 相棒! (Both in his head and to Azuma’s face.) And okay yeah I’m pretty certain he likes Azuma. I was thinking so this volume, and then we get to ch 14 (the xmas chapter), and their teammates say that he seems like the kind to take his s/o on a date to look at xmas lights, and he’s like, “Ooh, yeah, that sounds romantic!” and then immediately imagines himself taking Azuma on a date to look at xmas lights, but since he feels like Azuma wouldn’t be able to handle the cold very well, it quickly turns into them going back home and sitting under the kotatsu. They do actually end up going and looking at xmas lights—Haruno and Yamato had put up a xmas tree during their part of the chapter, and now Chiaki and Azuma go and look at it, and Chiaki has fun watching Azuma while Azuma has fun circling the tree and looking at the ornaments their kouhai had put on it. Chiaki’s a lil disappointed that Azuma’s fine with the cold lol

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, this series is just so cute. I really hope there’ll be a vol 4, though that’ll probably be in like 2 years `:'(


I finally picked up 魔法使いの騎士, and it's.. yeah. One I regret getting, unfortunately.

Apparently the mage can’t regenerate MP on his own (or at least not quickly…?), and… “草の民と交わればすぐ魔力は回復する.” And he means 交わる in the sexual way. So ch 1 ends with him falling asleep in the knight’s arms (he gave the bed to the kid in the knight’s care, so the two of them are sitting on the floor leaning against the side of it), his magic depleted, and ch 2 starts with the knight dreaming of an incident in his childhood and waking up to the wizard, who’s still leaning against him, getting banged by a wolf-man. Yeah. Lovely. Even if it doesn’t show anything, I still coulda done without that, thanks. Especially the bestialityfurry sh*t. Which I guess means that when we first met him in ch 1, with him in a sensual, fanservice-y pose with some magical vines or tendrils or whatever, that was a magical being he’d been Engaged with. Lovely.

lol it seems that, as long as they’re a being of magic (whether that be a magical creature or a human who has magic), anyone will do, so in ch 2 the knight thinks, “So if I had magic, then even I…? No, no, what am I thinking?!” He does take his job as a protector very seriously, but it also seems he’s started to come to care about this mysterious man, even though they haven’t known each other very long yet. (Before the start of the story, he and his charge had been sent by the king to find the mage and bring him back to become the palace sorcerer, and the mage refused. As the knight wasn’t allowed to return without him, the mage decided to hire him and make the knight his own knight, thus the title.)

So we’re kissing children now. On the mouth, and not just a peck. It wasn’t the mage but his evil twin, and it was to remove a curse/spell on the kid, but still, that didn’t need to happen. Well, I say “evil twin” because of the trope, but I’m not sure he’s evil per se or just not exactly “good” and also an antagonist. And actually, after finishing the book, I’m confused about if they are actually separate people or if they used to be the same person. Doesn’t help either that their names are literally only one letter different from each other: the mage is named クレド and his double is クレイド.

Apparently the knight is the king’s eldest son, but since he has no magic (and/or is illegitimate), he became (was made to, I’m sure, since it was from childhood) the knight of his younger half-brother the crown prince. Anyway uhhhh I hate the king. Not only does he clearly not care about his eldest son and would severely punish (even kill?) him for daring to return without the mage, but he was wanting the mage as his sorcerer to replace the previous one, the twin, who disappeared without a trace one day, bearing a grudge, and little wonder. He’d been the court sorcerer since childhood, and as he’s a mage rather than a human then he needs to have sex in order to be able to use magic. When he’s talking about his hatred for that kingdom, he’s like, “But if it weren’t for them defiling this body, I wouldn’t have realized I was a mage, so I’m grateful for that at least,” (and “them” is 彼ら, and the panel only shows the king, who was very much an adult at the time, so who else was there? Who else there had their way with him?) which uhhh very much implies that they’d thought he was a human child and raped him and that’s how they found out he was a mage and then made him the court sorcerer. クレド says that his feelings are more mixed than クレイド’s, and we see that he had someone he got along with and protected him, someone whom the knight apparently has grown up to look like (his uncle, I’m assuming??). But the knight only remembers there being the one sorcerer (and he has no idea why he didn’t recognize クレド despite him and クレイド having the exact same face; only their hairstyle and their personality are different) so are they actually the same person, just now existing as two separate beings??? I’m very confused.

This story doesn’t feel complete. There’s a certain amount of stuff that can be left open with the story still feeling contained/resolved, but his manga just feels like, “Why are you ending it there…?” The world seems interesting, even if I definitely did not appreciate some aspects of the story, but the ending is so unsatisfying. I definitely regret buying this.

I had intended to at least start ch 9 of 夜カフェ today, and I feel like if 魔法使いの騎士 hadn’t been so disappointing, I would have, but as it was, I just read a bit of my pile of English books. Didn’t get very far, though.


15 October 2022

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  • Chainsaw Man (Chapter 33)



October 15 :maple_leaf: Home Post

Ended up on a weird tangent today and watched like four eps of a Danganronpa V3 let’s play?? Which I figure is as much reading as voiced visual novels are so here it goes :laughing: My main purpose was to see how Gonta speaks in Japanese since I was curious (turned out to be pretty anticlimactic really, he maybe uses slightly simpler sentences than some of the others but definitely nothing like the English), but I did discover that Miu refers to herself as 俺様 which is just… incredible :joy: very on brand, love that for her. But yeah I could really just follow along at normal speed which bodes well for replaying the games in Japanese someday!


:books: :maple_leaf: softlyraining’s spooky book stack :jack_o_lantern: :open_book:

October 15th:
:red_square: 名探偵コナン (0% → 5%)

I was going to start reading ゴーストハント (got the first three volumes for free on Bookwalker a while back), but then I saw that volumes 1 to 6 of Detective Conan are free to read until the end of the month, so I thought, “Why not?” Didn’t read much today; a murder mystery was just solved by Shinichi Kudo, our Detective Conan (or, as the first chapter’s called, 平成のホームズ (another aside: is he now the 令和のホームズ?)).


I’ve read some of his stuff before, and I have 赤い雲伝説殺人事件 in my to-read pile right now. Fun murder mysteries with a sprinkling of travelogue in them (especially the ones titled “famous-tourist-location-殺人事件”).


:ghost: First Two Weeks of Challenge :jack_o_lantern: :house:
My weekly update has somehow become a two week update, but I have been reading everday although just a little bit on some busier days. This challenge so far:

Read Sui Ishida’s Jack Jeanne oneshot Puppet.
I love this game so all of the extra content is making me really happy. There’s a new novel coming out in November (500 pages!) so that’s definitely getting added to my November reading plans.

Finished volume 4 of Flesh & Blood.
Just about caught up to the club, I’ll probably jump right into volume 5 mostly because I’m really worried about what’s going to happen after the way this one ended.

Read 41 pages of 憧れの作家は人間じゃありませんでした.
This one’s one of my Halloween reads, not really spooky but because one of the characters is a vampire. So far not far enough in to say a lot about the plot but it’s a pretty smooth read. The main characters are big movie fans so there’s been a lot of talk about real movies which I can’t say I’m particularly knowledgeable about.

Finished volume 2 of 夜の名前を呼んで
Still really enjoying this series. The last two chapters :sob: poor Mira has been through so much

Read chapter 1 of 波間の子どもたち
This is the next manga I’m starting, seems interesting so far.


I read this one a bit before too and that was my understanding as well although it was pretty vague on the specifics. I thought it might be like a magic kigurumi at first but then he just kind of magically turned back into a person :joy:


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October 15

start - 9

They’re cute kitties :pleading_face:


This is so awesome!!!

Wait does this mean you took your pfp yourself?!?


Yes - took my profile pic myself. I’m actually wanting to update it with a newer pic, and maybe I’ll get one from this trip. It’s possible it’ll be a whale shark!


Ah, that’s so cool and amazing!!!


Oct 16, Sun of Week 3 of Fall 2022 :maple_leaf:

  • SPY x FAMILY Vol.3 Ch.12 (first chapter of the volume, with book club)

I picked up quite a number of vocabularies from this chapter, so it is in some ways more troublesome than other things I read recently. Also, collecting names and guessing alphabetic (western) equivalents, is yet another fun beyond vocabulary mining.

I don’t want to be able to get the tone of the language slower than being touched by the drawings…

  • SHADOWS HOUSE Vol.2 Ch.20-24 (finished the volume)

This one is quite interesting. Cheerful with dark background. Vocabularies and language not too difficult, but it is also possible that I get the readings wrong.

Also, bought Vol.3.


Main Post

On October the 16th I:


That’s the one I picked up! The summary looked really enjoyable


Wow, that’s a pretty random coincidence given he wrote over a hundred novels featuring that detective…


:tiger2: :books: The Tanuki Autumn Onsen :hotsprings: :raccoon:

20221016 - 吾輩は狸である progress: 54.79% :bucket:

Only time for a single paragraph small read today

:fallen_leaf: Japanese found under the leaves :fallen_leaf:


None today :face_in_clouds:

@MissDagger, tomorrow?? :eyes:


I had my choice of 6+ books by him :joy: The reason his books were even being given away for free is because they had so many already! Some Japanese authors are amazingly prolific


@Zakarius Yes! :heart_on_fire:

@Cathm2 So cool. Diving is something I’d like to do one day, and something I absolutely never want to do. I get scared/anxious the second I put my whole head underwater. But I kinda don’t like being limited by fear, so I sometimes push at it. Not sure if it’ll ever happen when it comes to this kinda stuff.

But thankfully, I can just look at your pics!

No reading yesterday because it was a mess. Owning a house sometimes sucks so much. :sweat:



Well, here are some from me then (the ones I took notes of for わんわん探偵団):

面する – めんする – to face on, to look out on to
除け – よけ – protection, repellent​
鉄格子 – てつごうし – iron grill; iron grille; iron lattice; iron bars, prison
嵌まる – はまる – to fit; to get into; to go into; to be fitted with (e.g. door with a window)​
差し込む – さしこむ – to insert; to put in; to thrust in; to plug in
叩き落とす – たたきおとす – to knock down, to knock off
人物 – じんぶつ – person; character; figure; personage; man; woman; one’s character; one’s personality; able person; talented person


Oh, 宮部みゆき. I’d be happy to read along assuming you don’t start before I next do an amazon order…


Home Post

This week looks a bit more consistent than last week:


Flesh&Blood is going strong; 海辺のカフカ has not seen quite as much attention as I would have liked, but we’re getting there; and I also started a German and an English book for braindead pre-sleep reading.

The German book is by Friedrich Dürrenmatt; I was forced to read one of his books in school and hated it, so I’m still a bit getting used to the thought of reading this, but I borrowed it from a (Japanese) friend of mine who read it and liked it a lot, so I figured I cannot stand back :joy_cat:

The English book is a braindead political thriller which I liked a lot a long time ago but I lost the book since then, and recently it came to my mind again and so I bought it once more (and this time in English).

I also want to get going with French reading again from next week!

so many plans, so little time…