📚📚 Read every day challenge - Fall 2022 🍁🍂

October 23 :heavy_check_mark: :eyeglasses:

准教授・高槻彰良の推察. 64 pages

Yesterday I felt I needed a break from the mountains, so I had a look through some manga I had gotten for free when they were on offer on Bookwalker. 准教授・高槻彰良の推察 captured my attention from the very first pages - the main character, still a young boy, wakes up to the sounds of taiko drums, and sneaks out of the house to join a mysterious festival. Only, apparently he should never have been there, and there is a price to be paid. Years later, that boy is now a student who can perceive lies as a warped voice, and is suffering from it. He attends the lecture of a professor of the folklore who is very enthusiastic about urban legends and folklore stories. All things seem to point to them teaming up to investigate the occult. Quite interesting so far. Looking it up on Bookwalker, it seems it’s listed as 女性向け, but I don’t see why. But I never understood this categorizing by gender anyway, so…