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Finished another volume of one piece, just in time for a weekly update. Had already made a post about volume 7 here. So today is about volume 8 and some more thoughts on the series so far, now that I finished the Baratie/Don Krieg arc and the Arlong Park arc starts.

volume 8

I’m definitely glad this part is over, not that I hate it but like I kinda mentioned in my previous post the moving parts that are in this arc are more interesting than the main villain itself. Which I still feel is kinda a shame. It’s also quite messy in how it transitions to the next arc. Oda was still learning the ropes, although he already had that base structure down. That said he already namedrops Jinbe after he had already established Mihawk as a threat all so he can introduce the concept/system known as the seven warlords, who are extremely powerful pirates that the marines employ to control the seas. One the other hand there’s also the marines, which so far have been either lackeys or very corrupt individuals. The Arlong Park arc that we shift towards in the later part of the volume re-establish that part. Things are definitely getting more interesting, although it is still in its early stages after about 70 chapters.

I’m definitely enjoying myself on this read and I forgot I also had the first eight volumes in english. So I double checked some things like how well it translated over and I don’t think you’d really miss out much in the english version of viz. Either way I haven’t read beyond volume 8 before (although I have seen how the anime handled it).

Also looked up the schedule of the free promotion they have on the shonenjumpplus site. This is all official, of course it is not the same as reading it in print or on kindle/bookwalker as they strip out the extras like interviews.


  • 9月1日〜9月15日:1~23巻(1話〜216話)東の海編+アラバスタ編
  • 9月16日〜9月29日:1~12巻+24~32巻(217話〜305話)東の海編+空島編
  • 9月30日〜10月13日:1~12巻+33~45巻(306話〜440話)東の海編+ウォーターセブン・エニエスロビー編
  • 10月14日〜10月27日:1~12巻+46-53巻(441話〜522話)東の海編+スリラーバーク編
  • 10月28日〜11月10日:1~12巻+54~61巻(523話〜603話)東の海編+頂上戦争編
  • 11月11日〜11月17日:1~12巻+62~70巻(604話〜700話)東の海編+魚人島編
  • 11月18日〜11月24日:1~12巻+71~80巻(701話〜806話)東の海編+ドレスローザ編
  • 11月25日〜12月1日:1~12巻+81~90巻(807話〜910話)東の海編+ホールケーキアイランド編


In case anyone else wants to read OP this way. The East Blue saga will still be available to read for free till the end of this year.