Re Zero Volume 7 week 5

Re Zero Volume 7 Week 5

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Start Date: July 27, 2020
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Week 5 Reading: Till end of chapter 6 part 2

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I’m really enjoying chapter 5. :slight_smile: It’s great that we’re getting a look into Wilhelm’s younger years like this.


I made it (for a few hours at least)


Well, since the next week is still not coming, I guess I still have time to comment here :stuck_out_tongue:

Not super sure I get the point of ヴィルヘルム “I can beat you, so you should marry me stop being the 剣聖” ? Well, the war was over, so maybe it would be okay for her to retire, but if I was their superior, my reaction would be “great! I have two crazy strong soldiers” rather than “oh, I guess I don’t need to have two”. Also, I’m a bit disappointed that we didn’t get any explanation as to why she met the 白鯨.
Anyway, see y’all, there was (a very short) time skip and Subaru got a new skill (level 1 equitation) :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes… that was the plan… now that you have commented here it is

I think it’s because she doesn’t want to fight but she is forced, because she is the 剣聖. When ask why she fight she said she had to. When Wilhem beat her he takes her title and her responsability so she does not have to fight anymore, I think…


As @icefang97 said, it was clear that she didn’t like the fighting (more emphasized with the whole flowers things and “the sword loves me”).

Hopefully in the future if we get some peace time with Wilhelm :no_mouth:


I mean, that’s what is being told to us, but how does it make any sense? From the point of view of the army, their reaction should be “amazing, now we have two” not “sure, you’re free to go”. Usually, you can’t avoid conscription by saying “I don’t like fighting”, especially if you are a valuable asset.

At the end of the day, I guess it’s just a “because plot” kind of situation, so I’m just nitpicking.


Are you gonna force the 剣聖 to fight? With who random guys? She can take down a huge portion of an army by herself. I mean if she says no then good luck changing her mind. However, she did go chase the white whale after that so…


I’m sure taking the nobility title of her family or crushing them under fines would make her think twice. Basically, apply the same strategy you would use against a feudal lord with an actual army. She is just a one person army.


waaaait what if they did not agree indeed (sorry about the lack of spoiler tags so far; on phone and all that). What if they said “sure, if you get rid of the white whale, the land will be at peace and you can retire”?
Oh well, I guess we’ll learn more about that eventually.


Humu, yeah we do know that she fought the 白鯨 after this whole Wilhelm thing. And not just by chance, there was something about assembling a subjugation force with the her at the lead. So yeah, she seems to have been fighting still after this. Either because she had to or because she was forced to? Either way, a part of the story is missing here yeah.