Re Zero Volume 11 week 1

Re Zero Volume 11 Week 1

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Start Date: January 4, 2021
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Week 1 Reading: End of chapter 1 part 7, page 62 (50 pages)

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This week spoiler

This week is until the meeting with Frederica. I hope we will finally learn about what the crystal is about. From what we know the crystal reacts when it touches the barrier and teleports you somewhere. Frederica said it was essential but it is not. Why did she lie and how has she got out of the sanctuary. Also, it seems Garfield has a crystal as well. The crystal did not react when they got out of sanctuary was it discharged? So many questions but as always no answer. The tension is rising. Let’s not forget Beatrice. I’m not expecting a miracle that Ram can wake Rem up but who knows what will happen.
I find it funny that Petra refer to otto has うるさいお兄ちゃん

Btw the next week is up Re Zero Volume 11 week 2