Ratio of Master to Guru

I’m pretty new and I’m wondering what my ratio of Master to Guru to Apprentice should look like. Right now I have about 220 items mastered and 180 gurued. I try to keep my amount of items on apprentice from 30-70, but I feel like I may need to raise that to around 100 if you should have more items in guru than master. If anyone has any advice that would be great, cheers!

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The higher tiers will usually have the highest number of items after a while, so most burns, then enlightened, then master, then guru, and finally apprentice at the bottom.


It takes 3 weeks to get an item from Guru to Master, and 4 weeks to get from Master to Enlightened, so in theory Master should have about 33% more items than Guru. In practice, Guru will probably have more items than expected because of mistakes.

Your stats look fine, but you also don’t need to worry about it - watching your Apprentice count (so you don’t get overwhelmed) is all you really need to do.


I tend to have more in master than guru, but only by a little, they are usually close, of course I have more items so it’s within a range of like 100 I’m counting by.

Either way, it doesn’t really matter though. As long as you’re learning.


I’m level 15 and mine currently look like this:

Your numbers look pretty similar ratio wise to mine, I wouldn’t over think it and just let the SRS do it’s thing.

The important part is just making sure you aren’t overloading yourself with reviews. I’m getting about 90 a day at the minute which is lower than I can manage, I normally keep my apprentice at about 120 and daily reviews around 140-150 is just about enough work for me, however my accuracy took a hit over the Christmas break so I rolled back the apprentice number until my accuracy went back up. (which it has so I’m gonna start doing a few more lessons each day, it doesn’t help I guru’d about 25 items this morning).

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I’ve checked, and most of my levels the two had about the same number of items, it’s only once I stopped to do lessons that the guru count dropped significantly under the number of master items.

You’re fine.

Thanks guys!

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