Ideal number of Guru items

People tend to talk about what a good number of Apprentice items is. But I want to know what everyone thinks a good number of Guru items is. Also, feel free to mention what your current Guru count is for comparison.
Even though there a few threads about this, I figured this would be a good opportunity for a poll.

  • Less than 300
  • 300 - 400
  • 400 - 500
  • 500 - 600
  • 600 - 700
  • More than 700

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The number of guru items isn’t something you can control as easily as apprentice items, since it’s heavily dependent on accuracy. I’m leveling up pretty fast and do all my lessons as soon as I get them, which increases the number of gurus, but my accuracy is also quite high, so the number usually lands on 300 something, without controlling it at all. So I guess I’ll be answering 300-400, just because that’s what I’ve always been at.

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once they hit guru, i don’t really worry. they begin to naturally sort themselves out based on me knowing them quite a bit at that point.

@Kumirei Right, I think that’s actually the heart of the question. Even though it’s not as easy to control, I think people can generally tell if their current Guru count is too high.
What is your accuracy by the way?

I’d love to hear from a level 60 member to see what they think. At my current level I don’t worry so much about guru’ed items but I think that when you start hitting the higher levels, if you don’t try for more accuracy on guru, then you end up extending your timeline for burning everything significantlyと思う.

Personnally I also do all my lessons as soon as they come out, and this way I’ve always kept my apprentice level below 150.
I don’t pay attention to my guru numbers… Currently 567, and 577 master, 1551 enlightened, 0 burnt yet. it seems pretty much under control, I rarely get more than 200 reviews in one day, which is fairly easy to manage, and sometimes even less than a hundred.

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To be honest, though, I don’t monitor my apprentice count either


@andypj1 I can’t speak for level 60 people of course, but my accuracy is around 95% and after a while I start getting overwhelmed with reviews. That’s with an average of 100 Apprentice items (+/- 40 depending on where I am in a level) and always less than 600 Guru items (currently around 550). At level 10 I took a two week break from lessons to just do reviews and decrease my Apprentice and Guru piles. I’m going to do the same next week when I get to level 21 and I plan to do this every 10 levels or so.

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I guess you wouldn’t need to with that accuracy… For comparison:

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Do you need to with your accuracy? I mean 96% is pretty damn good

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I am a bit lower than you, yet i’ve never felt overwhelmed. My review pile never goes higher than 200. Did you spend one or two days without reviewing at that time and your pile grew higher?

@Kumirei I don’t know. It might have to do with where a lot of my misses take place. I have a lot of items that bounce back and forth between Apprentice and Guru, which just causes a lot of repeated reviews.

@kisscolle I’ve almost never gone to bed with reviews left. I think it comes down to WaniKani taking up so much of my time. I’m also studying vocabulary on, which just increases the amount I have to review.

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Level 60 here.

As mentioned in this topic: To lv 46+ers, what is your strategy for 3.5-days' levels? - #12 by Goutye , having 500 to 600 guru items is doable.
However, due to 4 days levels, my guru stack started to get bigger and bigger, reaching 850 items at one point. This was the point where I was unable to pursue such rhythm. I decided to stop and do only reviews until my stack goes back to 500 to 600 items.

500 to 600 items is still something like > 200 reviews a day. It will then require a lot of time. Good luck :slight_smile:


To add some charts on that, the mistake in doing the multiple 4 days level in a row results in a Tsunami that goes from Apprentice to Enlightened over 2 months.

As you can see, the February items I’ve done are now messing up my Enlightened number, and messed up my Guru number before. So instead of having a normal pace, you ll end up with the double of reviews during a few weeks with a peak at one point. And that peak will certainly be a 18days level for you instead of your regular 7 days.

My best advice is then to stay regular, but to progress. Same pace, always. The brain loves it.

i came back to WK just over a month ago and cut my level by just touch over half to help re-acclimate myself to all the memories again (probably could’ve kept level in hindsight, i had better recall than i thought), so my guru is at 1200 right now. It’s quickly filtering to upper tiers so I’m not too worried.

Ideally I would like to have 0 guru with 8792 burned.


Your accuracy scares me : ) how do you manage it? Is it pre-studying or generally having a lot of practice outside WK or something different?


Had already studied for a year when I started WK


Studied Japanese in general or studied kanji?

Personally I’ve studied Chinese, and it helps a lot for the meanings and even for the on’yomi readings (not always, but sometimes I don’t even need the mnemonics, I just think “it’s like in chinese”), whether for kanji or for vocabulary.

It’s pretty interesting but I’m starting to be confused sometimes, when I want to use a chinese word and I recall first the japanese reading. Luckily it doesn’t happen so much…yet.