What is a sustainable ratio of Apprentice/Guru/Master/Enlightened?

What is a sustainable ratio of Apprentice/Guru/Master/Enlightened?

A long time ago I heard the advice to never do new lessons unless your Apprentice number is below 100. However, I’m currently looking at,

Apprentice 100, Guru 349, Master 132, and Enlightened 408

and I can’t help but wonder if I shouldn’t be at least somewhat concerned about the number of Guru or Enlightened I have. Well, my total number of reviews is still pushing 700 (I’m coming back from a long break) so I won’t be touching lessons for a while either way. But I’m curious if anyone has a rule they follow for these other categories.


An item in enlightened will get 1 review every 4 months, or put another way 0.008 reviews/item/day for your enlightened queue. It’s basically irrelevant for workload. The reason people focus more on apprentice for workload is the much shorter review times and higher likelihood you’ll make mistakes that send them back make them much more impactful to your workload.

An item in apprentice can generate as much as 6 reviews/day if you keep getting it wrong, so a single apprentice 1 item that you have trouble with accounts for as much workload as your entire 400 item enlightened queue.


That is insightful, thank you!

Do you have similar calculations for Guru/Master?

  • Apprentice 1 - 4 hours to review = 6 reviews/item/day
  • Apprentice 2 - 8 hours to review = 3 reviews/item/day
  • Apprentice 3 - 1 day to review = 1 review/item/day
  • Apprentice 4 - 2 days to review = 0.5 reviews/item/day
  • Guru 1 - 1 week to review = 0.14 reviews/item/day
  • Guru 2 - 2 weeks to review = 0.07 reviews/item/day
  • Master - 30 days to review = 0.03 reviews/item/day
  • Enlightened - 120 days to review = 0.008 reviews/item/day

This gets a little more complicated because items go up and down tiers when you do a review (and also because you’re probably not doing reviews every 4 hours 24/7), but it’s still a good starting point for estimating workload. Or really just not worrying about Guru 2 or above quantity.