Good Guru to Master ratio?

We always talk about how many Apprentice items to limit ourselves to, but what’s a good ratio to show that items are being retained? Is this even a worthwhile question to ask, given how hard it is to control?

I’m too lazy to figure out the math, but I’ve always run off the assumption that items will sit in Master for about as long as they sit in Guru + Apprentice, so I’ve always tried to keep my Mastered item count roughly equal to Gurued + Apprenticed. Lately though, my Master count has been really low because of some uneven lesson intake periods, but my review results haven’t been dipping noticeably, so I’m assuming they will balance out again? Thoughts on this?


same here, I’ll join you in waiting for an answer

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Summary at the end of this post

The most simple way of seeing if you’re doing well or not is to see the tendency of where the numbers are getting bigger.

When you start an account, the tendency is to have more Apprentice than Guru items. Eventually, the Guru items are more than the Apprentice ones. The next step would be for the Master items to be bigger than Guru ones. This tendency continues throughout WK.

Don’t mind my Kitsun screenshot, since I don’t have enough items left to do on WK to give a decent example.

Another rule of thumb would be that if you’re going at the same speed all the time, in the long-term the numbers should be multipliers of the intervals themselves. For example, items would usually stay in Guru for 3 weeks and in Master for 1 month (4 weeks). This means that you should probably have around 4/3xGuru of Master items.

In the above screenshot, this doesn’t happen because I’ve been procrastinating on lessons :eye:

Summary: The tendency in the long-term is for Guru to have more items than Apprentice, Master to have more than Guru, Enlightened to have more than Master and Burn to have more than Enlightened. Lack of consistent lessons might affect how the numbers will look like, but I’ve found this to be the most quick and simple rule to follow.



Throws this in here:



God :crabigator: bless you.


What do these additional numbers mean? Must be some script?

Yes, it’s this one:

I see, thank you.

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Glad to be of help :blush:

Looks like we’re at the same WK level. For what it’s worth, I’m currently at:

  • Apprentice: 98
  • Guru: 625
  • Master: 729
  • Enlightened: 1953
  • Burned: 1023

If you had a span of not taking some lessons for a bit it makes sense that will “flow” through your progression. But if you’re back to some regular progression I’d think it would eventually react equilibrium.

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