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Hello !

When reading some old topics on WK forums i love seeing their level. Like people stating they are level 4 while their profile now indicates they are lvl 60 is super motivating

However, i see a lot of persons stating they are lvl 60 and i often see them lvl 40, even sometimes 15.

Can you ““demote”” on Wanikani ?

Getting to lvl 4 took me a lot of efforts so i hardly imagine how much work it will imply to get lvl 60 but lets leep working anyway !

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WK allows you to do a reset to any level below your current one, which can be helpful if you have let your reviews pile up for too long.

So i guess this must be something often used since there are so much people in this situation ?

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Some people use it and some don’t, you don’t really need to worry about using it or not, it’s never a necessity, some people even use it for fun, some think it’s easier to reset than to work through their pile.

But I suppose there’s quite a few people that use it.


I once was 60

I reset to 1 again because in 4 years since I got to 60 I lost momentum, life happened and there was little opportunity to use my skills so they wither and I simply decided to start over just because I have lifetime suscription

Lesson here is to keep studying and find a way to put your knowledge to use even after hitting 60


I’ve reset a number of times. Sometimes all the way back to 1, cause I felt too overwhelmed and unable to continue cause I hadn’t learned it well enough. Gone 19-1, 42-1 and 60-50

I was level 60 earlier, but needed to do the last 10 levels over again much slower, so have spent 1.5 years slowly doing these last 10 levels again while also burning the older levels.
Resetting is a great tool to let you revisit older levels and do pain points over again.

Some reset from 60-1 to redo the entire set.


Supzr interesting thanks ! Why were you overwhelmed ? Not enough daily reviews or too much lessons ?

Which tips would you give me to avoid being overwhelmed ?

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I was trying to go the max speed, which meant doing all lessons, which comes back to bite you as too many reviews.

My recommendation is to not go too fast. If the reviews are getting too hard, do less lessons.
Plan ahead. If you know you will be busy in a week, slow down lessons beforehand so you get fewer reviews to do.


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