Radicals gurued but no new kanji

Hi all (my first ever post!),

I’ve read in a few posts that guruing all your radicals releases new kanji. Is that really the case? I always have to wait until the first batch of kanji are gurued (by this time the radicals are already gurued) before I get a second (and last) batch of kanji.

I’m on Level 13 at the moment and have been fine-tuning my level-up times thanks to all the great suggestions in the discussions.

This question has probably already been asked; sorry I couldn’t find the exact topic anywhere.

Thanks for your help!


You don’t have to do any lessons in your initial batch of kanji to receive the second batch of kanji from leveling up the radicals. The second batch of kanji have no connection to the first batch in terms of unlocking.

Can I bring forward the unlocking of the second batch of kanji then? I would like to get onto the vocab related to that second batch of kanji before I level up. What is happening is that the second batch of kanji get gurued which unlocks the vocab related to those kanji at that level, but at the same time I get the new level’s radicals and kanji because I’ve gurued all the kanji. I know some people use the reorder script to keep the lower level’s vocab out of the way while they do the higher level radicals and kanji, but I would like to work on the vocab before I level up. (Why? : No logical reason)


Radical 1 -> Kanji 2
Kanji 1-> Vocab 2

Are you mixing up vocab with kanji? Because the first batch of kanji (pink background) unlocks vocab stuff (purple background)

Edit: just saw your previous post. Is this what you’re talking about?

When you level up you get asked to do the vocab lessons of the previous level first, then radicals, kanji, vocab of the new level.

I don’t have any solutions to the ordering options of the site other than the reorder script. I used the reorder script until I stopped getting new lessons. If order matters to you, that’s what you need.

I dont think I am mixing them. Yes the first batch of kanji (pink:K1) unlocks some vocab (purple: V1). But the batch of radicals (blue: R) does not unlock the second batch of kanji (K2) which is what many posts say, i.e. that guruing the radicals will unlock the rest of the kanji

Thanks, I tried the reorder script but couldnt figure it out and also thought maybe I didnt need it since I am trying to hurry the order not change it. I will look at it again though.

I thought you were talking about the order just messing you up, but are you saying they literally aren’t available at all? If that’s what’s happening it’s a bug.

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they become available once the first batch of kanji are gurued. but not when the radicals are gurued. is that a bug? if so what do i do about it?

did that happen in all the previous levels too?

I didnt notice in the really early levels; I was too much in shock. but definitely in the last few, that is the pattern

Also, there really isn’t much to the reorder script. Just choose what things you want to weight or just totally remove certain things from the queue until you’re ready for them.

Pretty sure there’s instructions.

Yeah, like Leebo said, it sounds like a bug

Okay thanks for your replies, really appreciate it!! I will email WK about this suspected bug.

Well, assuming he’s not just misunderstanding something, which can’t necessarily be ruled out.

Right, but they seem to be pretty solid on what’s what

Well, we can always ask @viet to have a look.

or it could just be me thinking the grass will be greener on the other side. anyway I’ll email them

Is there a radical right now that you have guru’d whose respective kanji is currently locked that you can screenshot?

Are you guruing both the kanji and the radicals at the same time? If Viet doesn’t find something, try doing the radicals a day before touching the first round of kanji.