Am I doing it wrong?


I have been reviewing radicals for now, and I cannot review any kanji.
I am having a problem with the radicals, maybe because i dont see the point of learning the radical madeup english name. How do I progress do Kanji? Do I have to go through the radicals to get to kanji, or am I doing something wrong?


Guru radicals to unlock kanji. Guru kanji to unlock vocab. Guru 90% of vocab kanji to unlock next level.


Please read the Wanikani Guide :slight_smile: It will answer all your questions
There’s a section called “Hold on, I have to WAIT?” that will help


The forums don’t like those internal WK links on their own line.

Try putting it as a hyperlink.


You don’t need to worry about vocab to level up. Guru 90% of Kanji to unlock next level. Don’t use this as an excuse to skip vocab though.


My bad :sweat_smile: Thank for letting me know


My fault. Mistyped.


What seem like weird, madeup radical names now will eventually be used as mnemonic-builders for kanji and vocab. It’s pretty important to learn them now so that there’s less confusion later.