Just starting out, did my radicals now I can't keep going?


I’m new here and exited to start learning! I used to be ~ok~ with Japanese but I’m starting over from a long break. So wish me luck!

Any who, I hit lessons and then “start session”. It started teaching me radicals and I went through them, unfortunately it wont let me go any further. Can I just not go past a certain point each day? Thanks in advance.

Hey, talimore.
Welcome to Wanikani, I hope you’ll enjoy your stay here!

Please take a look into the FAQ, it will answer all the questions you might have when starting out with WaniKani. Specifically the question you just asked. Take a look at the “Common First Level “Problems”” section.


The reason for that is that it’ll ask you to recall those radicals at set intervals. If you can prove that you can still remember those radicals in a few days, you’ll start learning kanji that utilise those radicals.

You can’t go any further right now because otherwise the amount of items that you’d have to recall would quickly grow out of hand massively.


Thank you. That makes perfect sense. I shall be patient :slight_smile:


Welcome to the Community. I was only being unhelpful because I saw 2 other users already writing what was probably useful information.

Don’t be discouraged by the long waits. It picks up quickly, and it works. 頑張ってね!


Hah, before you know it you’ll be wondering where the good time went, when you only had a few reviews per day. You’ll miss it, I tell you!


That said, depending on how much japanese you knew before the break, you might find WaniKani’s pace a little frustrating.

Luckily, it doesn’t cost anything to take a quick preview of the coming kanji. Check the kanji from levels 1-10 and see how many you recognize. Every level, with the exception of the first two and some much later ones, will take you about 7-8 days if you do reviews a few times a day and get everything right. There’s no way to speed that up. So if you happen to already know all the kanji through lesson 12 and are only really interested in the ones that come later, make sure you’re okay with paying and putting in some time every day for the next 3 months before you get to them.

Usually someone would say that you have 3 free levels to see if you like it or not but now that you’re paying for it, you have access to all future levels.

You can’t keep going because WaniKani reviews are on a time based interval.
You can however, look into the future and study that on your own time.
When the reviews are up, you should already know them.

Read the FAQ and other “I’m new” posts.


Just a general thank you to everyone who responded. I really appreciate it. I will take this at the nice slow pace its showing me and just keep up with it. I’m sure that will be better for my learning anyway.

Thanks again!


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