Radicals and Kanji first in Lessons


Hey guys,

I don’t know if this is already asked, but here it goes.

I just reached level 12 and saw that I have 80 + lessons, which is awesome. However the radicals are all over the place which is not cool.

Does anyone have a solution on how to bring at least the radicals to the frotn of the queue? Because I now get the feeling that I have to go through a lot of vocab of get all of the radicals. I’d much rather get the radicals out of the way and take my time with the vocab.

Thanks!! Keep studying!


Not really recommended though if you’re going to start ignoring vocab and stuff.

edit: linked the wrong thing, just use Lotelia’s link below.


the original is somewhere in this forum too …


Many thanks Lotelia!
I won’t ignore vocab of course haha. This helps me a lot. We all have our own ways of studying right :smiley:


Might I add that the WaniKani Mobile app developed by Alberto Cuda for Android also has userscripts and enhancements that you can activate with a simple checkbox. The Radicals and Kanji reordering is available there.


I hope you aren’t as lazy as me, 220 vocab lessons carried from last 5 levels >.<


I use Wanikani Mobile for Android (current version: 1.15.5). It can be set to order the review also the lesson, but I usually only use it for lesson so that I could get the radical and kanji first before the new vocab. After I handle the radical and kanji, I take on the vocab slowly (5-15 words per day).