Apprentice NOT upgrading to guru even after 6x right in a row


I recently started wanikani and have gotten all 26 radicals right more than 6 times in a row now, but still the progress shows as not complete for each of them, and they will not upgrade to guru to unlock the corresponding kanji. Some are showing at 66% for for some reason. As I understand it, you only need to get a radical correct 4x in a row for it to upgrade to guru status, so I did it an extra 2-3x just in case but nothing has changed.

Can you help me troubleshoot this?


Could there be some problem with your internet connection? Maybe the information about your reviews is not getting to WaniKani.

How long is it waiting between these reviews?

I would recommend emailing them directly.

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Hey Chard,

Internet connection is fast and reliable here (in London). I did just check and see some radicals shows 66%, others don’t. However, you may be onto something. The system seems to be counting progress on some and not others, despite the reviews for each of them being done at the same time (and correctly).


Wait, the only thing that could say 66% on an individual item is not a progress bar, but your accuracy bar. That would mean it registered 4 right answers and 2 wrong, for instance.

Progress for radicals is an overall bar for the percentage that have reached guru.


Is the interval between reviews increasing for you? If not, then wanikani is not saving your progress.

Regarding what Leebo wrote, could you post a screenshot of where you are seeing this 66% bit? That might help clarify things.

Sorry, I should have included screenshots at first (new guy here lol).

Here is a screenshot showing the main progress, and one for the radical “ground” which I have completed at least 7 times correctly in a row, but it only shows 3 in a row.


Regarding the second screen shot, it indicates you’ve only reviewed it 3 times, not 4+, so you should guru it in 22 hours or thereabouts.

Edit: Sorry, I clearly can’t read / have short term memory problems :crazy_face:

Are you using the same device for all your reviews?


Yeah, but he’s saying he actually has reviewed it that many times and it’s not registering all of them. If that’s the case I think emailing is the best option.


Yes, that is what is strange…I promise you I really have reviewed it more than 4x correctly in a row. For some reason the system is not reflecting that.

Edit: Yes, I am using the same device, just my desktop computer.

Gotchya - I will email them. Thank you Leebo :slight_smile:

Yes, edited, but too slowly…

You joined yesterday -

I know the first two levels are accelerated, but is it actually possible to get an item to guru in less than 2 days?

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Perhaps there is a manual lock put in place the first couple days?

No, the levels are accelerated, no manual locks, but I can’t seem to find the timings - I’m pretty sure it is at least 2 days, so I can’t see how you would have seen each item 4 or more times…


I think first 2 levels have halved SRS intervals. So it would be +2, +4, +12, +24. It’s not possible to Guru anything if the account is one day old.

An error is not impossible, of course, but there could also be some misunderstandings going on. If WK team is getting emailed, it’ll all be sorted. ^^


So at the start it allowed me to go through all the radical lessons. Then I had a couple reviews within the first couple of hours (I just kept it up on a tab while working and would periodically check it), then a few hours later I had a couple more reviews.

Then this morning I did another review, and the next one is in about 6 hours.

Right, well I haven’t found quite what I was looking for, but I did find this:

So, 4hrs + 8hrs + 1 day + 2days = 3 days, 12 hrs to guru.

I believe (and, yes, that’s not as convincing as having the facts in black and white), that the first two levels are twice as fast as the regular SRS timings, so 42 hours to guru.

@Kumirei you’re on top of these timings - could you please help me out here with correct SRS timings for the 1st 2 lvls? Cheers!

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Assuming you’re remembering accurately, you’ve just said that after the initial lessons you’ve reviewed each item 3 times each, and the 4th is coming up. So they won’t be guru until the next set of reviews.

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