Radical meaning showing instead of radical

For a few “frames” I guess you could call it (under 100ms for sure), I noticed that some radicals that are just images show their meaning instead of the radical in the main slot (circled below). It just happened with the radical “bear” during reviews. No screen cap because it was a few milliseconds.

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This was added with the recent update and was talked about here: Updates to Lessons, Reviews, and Extra Study - #146 by tofugu-scott

It does seem like a pretty big flaw though imo… Surely there’s a way to allow screen readers to work while also not spoiling the answer for those who don’t use a screen reader :thinking:


Yeah I mainly see this with radicals. But yeah this completely invalidates any recall. Tech wise there are a few ways to prevent this but all are essentially different ways of preloading before putting it on the screen. This WK update also had some backwards incompat things which were very surprising to see. I also saw something about “oh if you logged in in the past X months we’ll tell you how to fix your login, but if you haven’t then we didn’t send this email to everyone” which seems to neglect anyone with lifetime subscription that isn’t active.


Also I’m super curious what the rational is. Because this also makes it so that anyone that uses a screen reader just gets the answer read aloud to them instead of typing it in and guessing? I’m all for inclusive tech, better alt text would have been “radical to type the meaning of”.

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