Race to Your Goal! December 2020 JLPT

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I had already made a promise that I would replace another person who was also under the weather the day before. Little did I know my Sunday was gonna suck!

I try not to push myself too hard in general because I am also afraid of burning out. I bought my lifetime like… a few irl lifetimes ago but I knew right away I would not have the time to do WK properly so I waited until I could (5+ years hahahaha). Until April my schedule is mostly dedicated to WK, reading my grammar books, doing as much practice as I can. Starting April I will try to tone it down to a more secondary role in my life. :grin:

I guess my main point was, thank god for that reorder script because it really gives you some room to strategize. I didn’t have that many reviews but I didn’t feel well enough to tackle everything so I just did the radicals to keep my level on the right track, now during the week I have time to review everything :books: :relaxed:


I really want to attempt N4 in december but I’m afraid my grammar skill won’t be enough.

I did the japanese 1 course on lingodeer for the past year almost on a daily basis.

If you study a little bit every day, N4 in a year is certainly doable.
Your WK level seems to indicate that kanji is good enough, and vocabulary shouldn’t be too far behind if at all. Then all you need is proper grammar studies. Most starter books (like genki, and minna no nihongo) cover most if not all of the N4 grammar you’ll need.

I say try to study and re-evaluate in July. Plenty of time left to decide something for December.
Good luck!

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I think you can easily do N4 in December. You can still go very far on N4 on Bunpro, though you’ll have to do a lot of reviews. But you don’t need to have the complete N4 grammar perfected to pass JLPT N4. Remember, you only need 50% of points.
You can of course also use Tae Kim’s free grammar guide, or a popular textbook (Minna no Nihongo, Genki, etc). Genki has free online exercises made by someone.


also, not every single grammar point listed as ‘N4’ on various sources will show up on jlpt.

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I (barely) passed N4 last summer with

  • roughly 10 chapters of Genki under my belt + a bit of studying with the Kanzen Master grammar book for N4 (didn’t go through all the points, though… maybe just 30-40% :see_no_evil:),
  • a JLPT N5+N4 vocab deck for Ankidroid that I went through,
  • listening practice with the Kanzen Master listening book,
  • level 16 or so on Wanikani,
  • a bit of reading with the absolute beginner club (2-3 months of reading one page every day).

I definetely recommend to practice listening every day if possible! Listening is the hardest part for most of the participants.
If you do a few hours of grammar every week (with Genki, Bunpro, Tae Kim, JLPT specific grammar books or other), I think learning enough grammar is doable until December! :+1:t2:


And you call this constructive criticism?? ha, what a joke…

So you’re probably making a joke back to @JapanStar49 in reply and I’m going to look like a dope, but in case you felt like JapanStar was trying to be mean:

The 42 reference from Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy has always been a big thing with WaniKani, and Koichi has joked in the past that he’s only proud of you if you’re level 42. :slight_smile: A joking reference was being made.

Disregard me if I misread the tone of your comment. Or even worse: what you said in reply was also a HGttG reference and it’s been so long since I read them that I didn’t recognise it.


I might finally level up today. Feels like it’s been years since I reached level 23.


Hey guys, I reset to level 31. Was feeling a bit overwhelmed with the backlog of 900 items.


I made it :partying_face: took me only 51 days :rofl:

@Saida: Maybe with 900 reviews that was a good decision, especially if you felt overwhelmed. :+1:t2: At least you might be able to level up faster now because you will recognize kanji & vocab easier because you’ve studied them before.


Hi friends. I have no idea how all of this works but I definitely need a way to be more accountable. Every year I tell myself I will become more fluent in Japanese. It’s been YEARS. I’m on level 13 now. I’m aiming for 60! My current average level up speed is 66 days (ugh). I don’t know when I’ll get to level 60 but… let’s hope it happens!

I’m not a regular on the community page so I’m terrified to mess up the wiki.

Yoroshiku onegaishimasu!


I added you (assuming I didn’t mess up the wiki myself). I said you joined at 12 and got to 13 in 66 days. I think at this point is safe for you to edit yourself if this is not exactly true :sweat_smile:


oh my gosh thank you! I’m old.

I hope my speed gets better!

do reviews every day, no excuses. The number of reviews is not so important, but try to push yourself to do more. That helps get you into a habit. Habit is a much stronger force than discipline, especially when your discipline isn’t so habitual ^^
good luck!


Definitely! We are going back to Japan in March and I have been studying both wanikani and duolingo every day from the 100 day countdown. I’ve already noticed progress since day 100!

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We can say 60! I hadn’t really set a level goal, just a goal of passing the N5 in December.

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Finally level 10 after 2 months and half ! :partying_face:

I am at 22% of my goal wich is lvl 45 by the end of the year !

Keep studying guys :grin:


Yay, team snail race for the win! :snail: :1st_place_medal:

Btw, @Ilyasaur how are you doing with your reviews?