Race to Your Goal! December 2020 JLPT

It can be brutal. The important thing is to brush off and pick yourself up again. Ganbare!


Yes, other “basic” users have been able to add themselves too. I think something may have changed in the forum rules.

Welcome to the race! Glad to have you!


Level 6 baby!!! Just started using Bunpro as well. Really appreciate all the fantastic advice and encouragement here :slight_smile:


Update #2 , the expedition in Purgatory continues:

Day 8 of Vocab Purgatory, right after landing on level 20

Day 15 of Vocab Purgatory, right before leaving level 20 for good

I managed to do ~50 lessons per day this week.
I also entered the Death levels, so Purgatory seems to fit nicely :rofl:

Putting the number of Apprentice items aside, I’m starting to get some reviews too (because of Guru filling up again). So this week may be the hardest. And it already felt like I was doing consecutive fast levels…

But I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I also noticed an incredible improvement in my ability to read/guess the context sentences so my morale is high (I wasn’t expecting anything before level ~40)
Planning to ram through the remaining 420 lessons this week.


Holy shit. That’s a lot of Lessons. :rofl:

You used the reorganization script to level up faster but didn’t really do vocab lesson ?
It’s pretty nice that you manager to still do lesson everyday, congrats !

Btw : What’s your script to show the number of items par level (Apprentice I, II, III, IV, etc) ? Thanks !

Exactly what I did :sweat_smile:
There’s a good reason though, so I’m fine with it… I’ll take my punishment :joy:

Not mine, it’s this one by seanblue:


Hello, I’ve added myself to the list.

I am aiming for the N3 JLPT in December 2020. At my average pace of 9 days 10 hours, I will hit level 35 by this November. Hopefully I’ll be ready for the N3 at that point!

I’ve done some kanji/grammar study outside of WK (Duolingo, italki) so some of the stuff that I’m going through right now is largely review and putting in the SRS work. Extra studying never hurts though, right?


I added you on my leaderboard, we got the same goal ! :smiley:

I’ll start Bunpro on monday, when I should hit 6 so I totally agree, more studying never hurts !

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Welcome! Thank you for joining us! よろしく〜

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What’s your opinion of a reasonable number of guru items to have at any one time? I have 304 right now.

I’ve heard 100 apprentice, and that’s working well for me, but I think my gurus are currently bloated with leeches.


I currently have 620 in Guru but I don’t know how much of that is leeches to be honest :thinking:

I have no “right number” but if hearing 620 makes you think “hell no” then I would say something like “up to 619 max”


im on around 800 guru right now and have consistently been over 600-900 guru for at least 20 levels


I have 300-500 gurus most of the time. You can bring it down but you’ll get returning items failing back to guru plus apprentice items moving up.

So it’s not that easy to maintain


I usually have 500-600 guru. Don’t think I’ve been below 500 for a long time!

Edit: I currently have 624. That’s probably not unusual.


@afunian My guru count has varied wildly, ~400 at the moment.

Edit: 666 guru:

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I think that, as long as you don’t get them wrong, Guru count doesn’t really matter. Apprentice count is the only important one.

If you care about the math behind it and the load of each SRS stage, here is a mathematical explanation of why Guru itself doesn’t matter:

"Long mathematical details, you've been warned

Edited out because no one ever cared about the math. Basically one item more in Appr 3 is 14 times heavier than one more in Guru 2.

TL;DR Guru leeches are a problem because they will fall back to Apprentice, enlarging the Apprentice count in the near future (possibly multiple times). The Guru count itself is not important. The leech count is.

I haven’t found a way around leeches myself :man_shrugging:, but I think studying them in sentences outside WK may be the only real way to squash them for good.


Screenshot at 2020-03-06 11-21-03
Screenshot at 2020-03-06 11-14-23

Finally reached 0/0 again after three weeks of struggling! At this point I just want to reach the magical lvl 30 and then hold off on new lessons for a whole month or so for my daily review amounts to calm down so I can find some time to do more leech review sessions and focus more on bunpro.


Level up!

:cake: (25%) (25%) (25%) :running_man:t2:


… I care about that math but if it’s too much pain in the neck to retype your explanation then thank you for the figures!


Me: Uses reorder script to isolate radicals because radicals are the absolute most important thing that I can never get wrong in order to maximize level up time.

Also me: