Race to the Cake 🍰

I think after a few weeks groups would be evened out and people would learn how to edit without accidentally deleting people.
It’s going to be crazy having everyone wanting to join.

I also think instead of group 1,2,3… people can make their own, silly group names.

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I love the idea of silly group names!!
I‘ll put something in the top post, also about moving and deleting other people.

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Yeah, I‘m sorry about that, someone went about and reordered everthing solely according to speed, which was not my intention. That‘s the thing with freely editable posts. I‘ll put something in the top post.

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@Tyger Sounds fun, I want in !

Kalas, level: 14, speed: 10 days 1h

Side question, how can you increase your trust level ?

Alright, I‘ll add you! It shouldn‘t take too long for you to reach member trust level, just like a couple of post and stick around a tiny bit. Then you can edit the post yourself.

Until then, fell free to tag me, I‘ll be happy to edit for you!

Edit: I‘ll take that back. You‘ve been sticking around for some time. Forget the stupid things I said.

This is the default: https://meta.discourse.org/t/what-do-user-trust-levels-do/4924/5

It might be that the Wanikani moderators changed some of the thresholds though.

Anyway, I‘ll add you to the list. Any specific group you want in? 4 or 5 are options. Or just create a new one?

Strange… Soon may be.

As for the group, I should be faster to level up, I’ll try group 4 !

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@Nath @MidnightOverlord @zkrago
Any ideas for a name? Naughty Narwhals or something like that? XD


That’s too normal. :joy: Or not? What about Bloodsucking Zombies from Outer Space?

Naughty narwhals from outer space, I like the narwhal theme :smiley:


I like the way you think! :face_with_monocle:
I renamed our group according to your suggestion - you were the first member anyway.

This seems like fun, I’ve added myself in.

@RysingDragon You‘re actually #3 in your group since you‘re level 16.

Oh right, I must have skipped over that part. I can read, I swear.

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Makoto: @jprspereira
Haru: @xyzbuster
Nagisa: @Abstormal
Rei: @lfeuln
Rin: @Vanilla



Free is gay

I like it.

Anyone able to photoshop our pictures and levels onto the two pictures? May be weird on the first one since some of them arent looking towards the camera.

Apparently we’re best friends then :smiley:


And I’m the hot one :3