Quite the explorer replaced

Anyone noticed that the “Quite the little explorer aren’t you” message that appears with the one lesson remaining bug has now been replaced with “Sorry! You have no items to review right now.”

I liked being called a little explorer.


If you have one lesson remaining, why do you have no items to review?

It’s a bug that appeared with the latest update. For some people when you finish all your reviews and you’re returned to the homepage it says you have one remaining, but when you click it it used to give the little explorer message.


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Guess it’s a temporary fix while they investigate the real issue


Probably that, and a notice to people who decide to go to the reviews page anyway.

I mean, it’s no big deal of course, it just means it’s pointless to wear my Dora costume while doing reviews.


OMG thanks I needed that laugh

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I turned off the offending plugin, which I ultimately decided I didn’t like anyway, and haven’t seen this issue in weeks.

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