Quite the explorer on vocab page

I mentioned this a while ago, but I’m having the “Quite the explorer aren’t you” message appearing when I finish my reviews, which started happening after the latest major update, but this is a new one. I just had it appear a few times while visiting vocab pages. In the image below, you can see it appears while viewing a vocab item. I’ve also got two other tabs open with different vocab, which also have the same message.

I mean, as far as bugs go it’s pretty insignificant seeing as it has no affect on my ability to do anything, just thought I’d mention it.

Also worth mentioning that it appeared when I opened up the tabs (which were previously closed) from my history. If I open them up from the searchbar the message doesn’t appear.


Actually just realized something. A few weeks ago the message that appears on the homepage was changed to “Sorry! You have no items to review right now.”, so it’s weird that this new bug I’ve noticed is using the old message.

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Hi there, it looks like you’re using scripts from the screenshot. We’ve had a few users encounter this issue due to various scripts. One way to tell if the scripts are causing the issue is to see if it occurs with all scripts turned off (sometimes using an incognito browser window will do the trick).

If the issue does still occur, can you reach out to us at hello@wanikani.com so we can troubleshoot?

I just got this too lol. It disappeared though.

Glad this was here so I didn’t need to make my own thread.

I have posted an update here: Bug Fix - `Quite the Explorer`