Quite the explorer, aren't you? ❤

Does anyone know what this is? I just opened up the WaniKani homepage and it gave me that error message.

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It usually gives you that message when you try to access paid content when you’re not subscribed (so any items beyond level 3), or just a page that doesn’t exist :durtle_the_explorer:


Even when you’re a paid user and you try to access some kanji or other element that doesn’t exist in WK also gives you that message


You’re quite the explorer, aren’t you? :smirk:


You’re quite the explorer, aren’t you we? :smirk:

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Yes, I too, am an explorer


Woah woah woah woah! Wait a minute! I only get to use Wanikani until level 3???

Can’t tell if you’re joking. :thinking:

They can hardly be offering such a huge amount of work and effort of mnemonics, example sentences, designing the system and website building for free.

If you read around on home page before signing up, it says you can “try” WK for free.

If you were joking:
bzzzzt Error in the processing of joke.exe :robot:

Nope nope nope, that completely went over my head. I was oblivious, I can’t believe it. Wait now that you mention the “WK” thing I remember it the first time I entered the page, but I was having so much fun that I really forgot about that. I should have known it was too good to be true, since I’m actually having a blast with WaniKani, it works amazingly, it feels more like playing a game with a friend or reading a funny story rather than studying. But since the money of my country is like a tenth of an USD dollar I’m not sure I will be able to pay for it. I’m super sad now, what am I going to do without WaniKani! AHHHHH DOOOOOOOOOM. Damn I love this site, maybe I’ll work it out somehow. Damn… it was too good to be free wasn’t it? Welp, worst case scenario I’ll just bash my brain into Anki until my head explodes!


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