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I found many broken links yesterday while doing my first kanji lesson. Clicking on a vocabulary word often just shoots one back to the beginning of that set of kanji. This happened about 10 times during the first 18 kanji. Did not list them but very annoying.

Were you trying to looked at information that is beyond lvl 3? If so, it is locked unless you are a paid subscriber, so that would be why you’d be ‘snapped’ back to the free content section.


Each kanji learnt comes with three vocabulary words in the last section of the (free) lesson. Clicking on these is what was not working. I guess those may actually be taught again later…

Those are just examples, they may or may not be taught on the same level as the kanji, depending on what other kanji are part of them.

I’ve been subscribed for so long (with access to all info even if I haven’t learned it yet) that I don’t clearly remember how the first 3 levels function, but it could be that since you’ve only just done your first kanji lessons that the related vocab is still locked and that is what is causing the issue. Do you get a cheeky message like this: “Quite the explorer, aren’t you? :heart:”?

Without an example of one where it happened, there isn’t much that can be investigated.

That is what causes the issue. I remember being quite frustrated that they listed examples that I couldn’t look at.


oh man this is a relief. I got that message after trying to click on something related to the kanji for wide but it kept linking me back to the lesson haha I thought I broke Wanikani when that message came up (or it was maybe malware or something)

Yeah, the WK team could add a message like “You’re trying to access paid content. In order to access it, subscribe.” or something like thaaaaaaat.

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No they give some kind of cryptic message which I think was “quite the explorer aren’t you” At the time I had to search on the forms what it meant.


I get that when it is working. When it is not I get shoved back to the beginning of the lesson in another tab, and the original tab moves back to the beginning of the lesson. The reason I say it is a bug, is because it should just leave you where you are or perhaps give a message that the vocab is not available. I don’t bother to click on most vocab now that I have discovered that hovering over the button gives you the reading.

Do you use any scripts?

It’s a known issue that having more than one lesson or review session open at the same time causes them to interact, but clicking those links shouldn’t be starting a new lesson session to begin with.

Oooph, yeah, it’s a bug around access to items. Here’s what happens:

  • With a free account, you only get access to subjects (radicals, kanji, vocabulary) at or below level 3.
  • When you try and access subjects at level 4 or above, it redirects you back one page with a little message saying you don’t have access.
  • So, when you’re in lessons or reviews, and you click on one of the related subjects that’s above level 3, it redirects you back one page. To lessons or reviews. Which has the lovely consequence of restarting your lessons or reviews. (facepalm)

We’ve known about it for a little while — it’s on our bug list. We’re going to change a couple things: the display of the related items in lessons/reviews, so it’s obvious when something is locked; the behavior, so instead of going back to lessons or reviews, it kicks you to the index page for that kind of subjects (ie radicals) with the “you don’t have access” message.

@AnniB: Sorry for the confusion!


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