Quick link back to WaniKani main page?

EDIT: Turns out I’m a doofus. Nothing to see here, move along!

It would be nice if there was something to click on the WaniKani community page which would link back to the main WaniKani page. Like how the image at the top links back to the main community page, but more of a “back to WaniKani” sort of action. I often find myself clicking interesting looking topics from the main WaniKani page but then having to manually navigate back.

It’s also possible that I’m just a doofus who missed an existing place to do this, so feel free to let me know if this is the case :slight_smile:


The links do exist as shown above. I think I may be misunderstanding what you are asking though…

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Search “@ rfindley” (no space) and “lesson count” for that link to the Dashboard to stay PERSISTENTLY at the top of the page, even when scrolling down. (Plus, you’ll have your lesson and review counts always reminding you they’re there, as well!) It’s a great userscript that I previously requested.

And you know, like Viet pointed out, it is already there (but you have to scroll back up).

Here, I’ll just link you: rfindley’s Lesson/Review Count script, aka persistent Dashboard link.

I don’t think you are…

But I think maybe they mean because clicking the cute cuddly Crabigator brings you to the main community.wanikani.com instead of the dashboard…?
(Like the Crabigator does on the Dashboard.)

If you click the Community home link, then the dashboard link, you’re there in two clicks, and less than 5 seconds with no scrolling. I can see the desire for a direct link to the dashboard fixed in the same way as the home button, but I can’t help but feel that would crowd the top bar a little.

Well, file this in the ‘I’m a doofus’ category. :wink:

Scanning folders…



It’s been filed.


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