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Hello All!

I’m new to WaniKani. So from the main page with the lessons, there is a navigation link from the profile menu to go here to the community but I can’t seem to find one once at the ‘’ page to go back to the lessons page without having to retype the URL. Can anyone point me to the correct place to do so (if it is even possible)?



Welcome my friend.

On top of the forums there should be links to the Dashboard, Lessons and Reviews. Are these what you are searching for?


WK Links

They’re only visible at the actual top of the page - they don’t follow you down when you scroll like the forum front page link does.


Ohhh hehe, as user of Regular Tracker script I’ve never seen that bar disappear.

I’ve been using Regular Tracker, I’ve often seen that bar disappear, because for some reason, Tampermonkey just… doesn’t load it. I need to turn all of Tampermonkey off and on again to get it to show.

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Back button?

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