Putting WaniKani App links in the Discourse Header?

So I searched through a few topics to see if I could find anything relating to this. I was going to talk about how I don’t really like the infinite scroll in Discourse, but there was a topic on that, and after a bit of poking around I realized the real reason I don’t like it is it makes it difficult to get back to the links that take you back to Dashboard/Lessons/Reviews. The Discourse header is frozen at the top and travels with you as you scroll, but the WaniKani App links do not.

I’d really like a quick link back to the app from within the Community. Is there a way to move these to the fixed header rather than right underneath it? And if there’s something I’m missing about this, please let me know :sweat:

This script is intended to show your pending reviews and lessons in the forums, but it also happens to do exactly what you’re asking


You could click on the three lines to the left of your avatar then click “top” to get back to the top where the dashboard link is found.

Heh… I wrote that script on my very first day on the forums (and probably the first day that the new forums were in place) for the exact reason that @merlumina said.
I often forget that it’s not built-in that way.

Hahaaaa…I have that script. Just not on the computer I’m using right now. :woman_facepalming:

Thanks y’all.


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