Question on ように

HI all,

Can anyone help me with the word ように .
According to the dictionary it means “in order to (e.g. meet goal); so that; take care (so as”

But I don’t really understand its use.

Heres a small example sentence, which I presume means to respond or have responded/replied straightaway.

すぐに 返信 する ように して い ました

I can’t see how ように effects the sentence.

Any easy example sentences you may have to clarify ように would be great.

ありがとうございます :slight_smile:

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I think that in this case, ように is a part of ようにする which is used as “make sure to” or “try to”.

“I made sure/tried to reply at once.”

I’m probably wrong though since I’m no grammar genius.

3 Likesようにする-you-ni-suru/

sorry. finally the right one.

Nah, thats right.

-other non-grammar genius

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ように is one of those expressions that’s used in all sorts of grammar constructs. In your sentence, ようにする means to try to do X, or make sure to do X.

ようになる can be used to express that something has reached the point that X, or that something has come to be X.

Oftentimes it helps to read it as “so that” or “such that”.

すぐに返信するようにする - To do such that you reply quickly

日本語が話せるようになる - Become such that you can speak Japanese

But like I said, it’s used in a lot of grammar constructs, so there’s no one way to read it or translate it in English.

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Here are some of my ように anki sentences.

ようにする - make sure to, try to
I will make sure that I do exercises everyday.

のように - like, similar to
He climbs like a monkey.

ようになる - to reach the point that, to come to be that
Mr. Hayashi has reached the point where he does not drink sake.

ように言う - to tell somebody to do something
The teacher told his students to do homework.

ように。- hoping/wishing for something
I hope your wishes will come true.


Thanks all for your help.

It makes sense now ^^

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