The many uses of ように

I somehow got ように and its many uses all mixed up in my head and I’m trying to work out all the confusion I’ve piled on. Anyone have any good resources for me to start to understand this in particular? I think I’ve got it down and then I see it in another way, or used slightly differently and my brain panics. So back to basics help me unravel this mystery. What should I look at?

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DBJG p. 554 about ように


What is DBJG?

I’m pretty sure bunpro helped get me into this mess, so the explinations aren’t helping.

I’m assuming “A Dictionary of Basic Japanese Grammar”.

I came across this the other day which was really useful:


What helped me was trying to identify the similar yet different grammar points and finding out their differences and similarities, e.g.

  • ように vs. ような vs. ようだ
  • ようにする vs. ようになる
  • ようにする vs. ようにしている
  • ように… vs. ことに…
    and probably some more I forgot. I looked them up in different books (e.g. Dictionary of Japanes Grammar, Shinkanzen Master N3 Grammar) and wrote down my findings until I got a better grip on them.

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