Question from Russia. About payment

Hello Everyone.
I don’t want to say anything about the situation in the world. I just want to use wanikani. Tell me please if you accept union pay card and if you have a block for payments from the country of Russia. I assume that this could appear after these events. I just want to use wanikani. My subscription ends in April.


I suggest emailing the WK team directly for this, as this section is more about getting help from other WK users. We’ve had Iranian users before requesting help, when it comes to sanctions and payments. I don’t know if a solution was reached for them, but reaching out to the Tofugu staff is your best shot.

They can be reached on

Good luck with your Japanese studies. :slight_smile:


Thank you. I will e-mail them.


Yes! Good luck with your Japanese study. Hopefully soon, your government will stop committing war crimes in Ukraine.


IMO this is unnecessary & inappropriate. You do not know this person’s situation; many Russians have relatives in Ukraine, or have been punished for protesting. This is probably not the burner account of Putin or one of his cronies.

piirozok, if Tofugu is unable to help with processing your payment, please DM me.


Maybe you are reading more into their words than I did, but for me their post just read as well-wishes with their studies, and criticism that is not directed at @piirozok, but at the Russian government which created @piirozok’s problem.

From my understanding, everyone here shares the sentiment of wishing @piirozok all the best with their studies.


That’s certainly possible - I should remember that we all speak different native languages, so reading too far into subtleties is not wise. Sincere apologies if that is the case here.

Let’s just all root for each other to 日本語を学ぶ!


Thank you for reading my message in the spirit in which it was intended.

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I definitely do not wish piirozok anything but the best of luck in studying Japanese. I know that most Russians are unaware of what their government is doing, and those that are may find it difficult or dangerous to speak out against it. Indeed, aside from the Ukrainians themselves, it seems to be the Russians that are suffering most as a result of the invasion.

For all our sakes, I hope that the criminal invasion of Ukraine will end soon.


So, have they replied?

If you hover over their level, you can see it says “paid” which indicates that it’s active.

Interesting choice of thread to necro

have the same problem, if anyone has info on how to subscribe from Russia I’d really appreciate the help!

You should send them an email.

yup just tried it, long story short they said it was possible only through friends and family outside of the country. thanks for the reply anyway though

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