Question About Achieving Master Rank and Beyond

Are the ranks Master and beyond available only if you subscribe to the site? Because I have a lot of radicals / kanji / vocab at Guru level.

No, you can burn all the stuff from the first 3 levels without ever subscribing.


Guru takes 3 days
Master takes 3 week
Enlighten takes 2 months
Burn takes 7 months
Image courtesy of @alexbeldan

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Ah, okay, thanks.

(2D Guru Link. Thanks for the shoutout. :blush: ) Dropbox - SRS.png - Simplify your life

GDI (ノꐦ ⊙曲ఠ)ノ彡┻━┻
I even took it from one of your posts

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That may have been one before I edited it. :smile:

I thought I was clever looking up one of your posts to find the image

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You are clever! Don’t let anyone tell you different.

Also, I was very flattered. (*/_\)

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@kingodin you joined WK in May 16 and you are already in lvl3.

Level 3 can be reached in about 7 days if you go at the maximum speed. Levels 1 and 2 have some short intervals for the SRS schedule. This, of course, doesn’t stop the flood of complaints we get from new users though, lol.

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