New, looking for advice

How fast can one level up in wanikank? I’m not new to the japanese language and want to use this to help improve on what I already know. Is there what i can do?

You can do all 60 levels in about a year if you go at top speed. Most levels take at least 6 days 20 hours to complete, some take only 3 days 10 hours. You level up when you guru 90% of the level’s kanji. Each item follow this progression if you get them right each time. If you fail a review the item drops down two SRS levels.

Fastest progress possible
Review SRS Level Total Wait Next Level
Lesson Apprentice 1 - 4h
1 Apprentice 2 4h 8h
2 Apprentice 3 12h ~1d
3 Apprentice 4 1d 11h ~2d
4 Guru 1 3d 10h ~1w
5 Guru 2 1w 3d 9h ~2w
6 Master 3w 3d 8h ~1M
7 Enlightened 7w 5d 7h ~4M
8 Burned 24w 6d 6h -

If you have more questions heres the faq and the wanikani guide which explains a lot about the speed of the system and SRS. I would highly recommend reading through the guide.

Its worth noting you cant skip levels, even if you know everything, and there’s no way to make the system work faster than it does.

Hope those two links help

I like using mobile, because it already has some scripts included - particularly a fail cancel one (for typos or when I put in the pronunciation when it asks for meaning) - but you can get them on PC as well. Especially at the beginning, progress is quite slow, so I usually check the answers in another tab, or use the above script liberally until radicals and kanji are guru 1 (for the first time) and then never again for those specifically. But still try to remember them yourself before checking (if any are new for you).

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