Putting Wanikani on a back-burner

I’m in the same boat. I haven’t done any lessons in 2 months. I’m only just starting to get my queue under control (maybe?). An easy remedy would be to reset to an earlier level. I might do that but I’m holding out at the moment.

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Not sure tbh, I get a different figure showing after a test compared to during, not sure why that is. I’ll try to keep track of my percentages better.

I generally use the script to break it into chunks, so I often do the earlier ones first.

During the test you get absolute accuracy (number of items correct / number of questions asked). After the test accuracy is calculated as (number of items correct)/(total number of items).

So if you have five items, there will be ten questions (reading and meaning). You get the reading wrong for one item 10 times but the rest correct–your accuracy during the test will be 50% (10 correct / (10 questions + 10 repeat questions)). But your accuracy at the end will be 90% (9/10).

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Ah, cheers for that.

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